“The world” starring Yin Tao: the first entrance examination into the military arts, won 2 times after the award, really the fire

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With the well-known word-of-mouth drama “The World” hit, once caused the national audience on the industrial era of memory kill.It is reported that the play adapted from the famous writer Liang Xiaosheng contradiction literature prize works, by having “Chinese marriage first writer” Wang Hailing as scriptwriting, in addition, also invited a number of powerful actors, it can be said that the lineup is luxurious, making people look forward to.And in this numerous role, the Zheng Juan that is played by after seeing Yin Tao by virtue of honest and frank disposition and good values becomes the role that the audience likes most, attract everybody in succession for its dozen call.Who would have thought that Yin Tao, who was loved by the audience through such a delightful role, did not choose the role of Zheng Juan in the interview?Originally holding the idea of guest to interview, but never thought of just step into the door was the director identified as the heart of the “Zheng Juan”, was warmly invited to play this important role, it is unexpected.Yin Tao through the strength of the verification of an old saying: gold where will shine.In addition, Song Jia also said frankly: originally wanted to guest star, how to do the leading role.Yin Tao and Song Jia play the most beloved and the most annoying roles respectively, but who knows this is not their wish, it is really funny.”The world” can let Yin Tao, Song Jia regardless of the role of the important degree, just want to play a cameo enough to see its excellent place.Indeed, the script is adapted from one of the highest honors of China’s Contradiction literature Prize work “The World”, adapted by many big names, has not yet started to see its promising future, no wonder many strength of actors gathered here, and even the sight of Yin Tao not considered.Why do we emphasize the back of the heart?Of course, because of Yin Tao’s brilliant acting road, in the country are one of the best, to her as a judgment standard is beyond doubt.From childhood to adulthood, her acting road has been smooth, can be said to be a god to reward the food of the actress.The reason for her name was that her father saw her mother eating cherries one by one, and he decided to give the family the name of Sweet peach.Appropriately for her name, Yin Tao has a watery appearance and is sought after by boys.Parents worry that their puppy love can not discipline will strongly support her to enter for an examination of the PLA Academy of Art, who knows she was the first nationally pleasing results successfully admitted to the school.After being admitted to the PLA Academy of Arts, Yin Tao started her brilliant acting career. Her graduation drama “I’m Waiting for you in Heaven” not only won her many prizes.For Yin tao, who was a student at the time, her success was unique in China and attracted the attention of director Gao Xixi.If Yin Tao is compared to a horse, then director Gao Xixi is his bole.With his strong recommendation, Yin tao starred in a series of hit dramas and became a household name actress.With the help of director Gao Xixi’s good sense, Yin Tao began to emerge in the major film and television programs, with different cast to her olive branch, Yin Tao has won well-known awards, including the “Golden Eagle” “Flying” two awards.It wasn’t long before Yin tao reached the peak of her acting career when she met Luo Yuzhu in Chicken Feathers Fly to The Sky, a role with which Yin Tao finally achieved a grand slam.It can be said that “Yin Tao” and “Luo Yuzhu” mutual achievement, without each other would not have their own brilliant.In addition to such great achievements in acting, Yin Tao also won the highest drama award.These outstanding results may be most people do not understand, because the famous Yin Tao almost not how to participate in variety shows in front of the public appearance, can be called big faint in the city.For Yin tao, the most important thing is to perform her favorite roles well. If she has no acting arrangements, she will devote her time to drama performances.Surely this is also famous for a long time Yin Tao does not care about the position, want to in the “world” guest reason, only always adhere to the love of performance to burn yourself!