The two projects are progressing smoothly!

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During the Tomb-sweeping Day holiday, project builders in Zhuhai stick to the front line and rush the construction period and schedule to ensure the smooth progress of key projects while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control.More than 20 bulldozers and excavators are working fast at the construction site of the longzihekou comprehensive junction layout project. Dump trucks come and go in and out of the site, and earthwork is being carried out on the pump chamber section and the dike and culverts section.Yin Guangyue, deputy manager of the layout project of the comprehensive hub of longzi River, said that the excavation of the foundation pit and the construction of pipe piles are being carried out. During the Qingming Festival, the favorable weather will be used to work overtime and work hard to complete the pre-flood target and complete the pouring of the pump room floor.In this project, longzihekou closed dike of 540m will be built, and longzihu sluice station will be built on the site. The scale of Longzihe pump station is large (2), and the pump station is designed to discharge 80 cubic meters per second, and the designed self-discharge 80 cubic meters per second. The original Zhengjiadu station will be dismantled and longzihu, Longzihe and Zhengjiadu stations will be built together.Yin Guangyue, deputy production manager of longzi Hekou Comprehensive hub layout project, said that longzi Hekou comprehensive hub layout project is a comprehensive hub with drainage and irrigation functions, which integrates drainage and self-drainage.In addition, in the traffic between the Huai River and the pump room built a closed dike, connecting the left and right dikes, so that the whole huai River south bank of the road smooth.Longzi estuary comprehensive hub layout project is one of the key projects of “beautiful Huaihe river” in our city. It is not only a control project for Longzi Lake to enter huaihe River, but also a comprehensive project for ecology, leisure and sightseeing.After the project is completed in 2024, it can not only play the drainage and irrigation functions, but also combine with the ecological needs of Longzi Lake, timely ecological water supply to Longzi Lake.Qingming holiday, municipal departments are also working overtime construction.On the east side of longhu Bridge, construction workers began to lay asphalt on the south half of the expressway. The main bridge surface of Longhu Bridge is 796 meters long, and the asphalt laying time is about 3 to 4 days.Gu Chengwei, deputy director of the municipal facilities management service center, said, mainly on the bridge deck, some of the renovation does not fully meet the requirements of the rectification, there is the waterproof layer for spreading (spraying), today began to pave asphalt.As one of the safety and risk control projects of the city bridge, longhu Bridge maintenance started on March 9th and is scheduled to be completed on April 12th.The northern half of the bridge has been completed and opened to traffic on March 24. After the asphalt paving of the southern half of the bridge is completed, the traffic marking line will be laid. By then, longhu Bridge will be fully connected.Source: Bengbu New Video Media