“Sending American troops into Ukraine is a death sentence!”

2022-06-18 0 By

U.S. democratic senator Chris coons publicly in a media interview, said the United States if sending the army to go to Ukraine, is purely die behavior, then, under the condition of Ukrainian troops is absolutely not the United States, compared the voice and expression has been Shouting there is great difference between American politicians,But if you think of this guy as a nice guy, you’re wrong!For those of you who thought Chris was speaking as a man of peace, you may be disappointed to hear that the elder senator does not seem to be trying to defuse the situation in Ukraine and bring the warring parties back to the negotiating table.Such a peaceful solution may have vanished from the minds of all American politicians.He seems to be the meaning of don’t want to let American troops die for other European countries, in his cognitive, European countries things should to deal with Europe, Ukraine situation even if Russia eventually evolved into a triumph for the United States influence is quite limited, but the eu’s security may indeed be affected.In general, if the situation in Ukraine eventually fall to the United States, it only benefit from Europe, if Russia wins, the United States, also won’t have too big loss in this comparison, the U.S. troops is not reasonable, also is not so necessary, things are so Chris said European countries should bear the cost, to European countries themselvesIn other words the US still wants this place to be messed up, but the US doesn’t want to send troops or spend money!You can do things in Europe, we can just shout slogans!Strainght greed nature first of all, to be sure, the United States sent troops to Ukraine if really, so really there will be a war breaks out, are not allowed to set up military base does not allow for deployment of weapons and equipment, this is Russia at the time when meeting set up by the red line, although the oral is not recognised, but really want to risk they don’t have the courage to try.But, want to make things good harvest, don’t want to take risks, myself is that I don’t know the United States to make similar thing how many times, this period of time, man is not a few Allies in the United States are the United States, Australia don’t need to say more, Lithuania, France and so on was a staunch ally the United States has gradually began to distance herself from it,The fundamental reason is that countries in the world have begun to see clearly the greedy face of the United States, and there are peaceful and win-win countries like China on earth willing to cooperate with everyone, why always pay for the United States?Part of the news comes from China Youth Network