King of Glory: you don’t know the witch’s cloak, outbreak prevention is just the basics, these three are the key

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Many players will think of a witch’s cloak when they see an opponent’s spell damage explosion. From the point of view of restraining spell damage, this idea is indeed correct.But I want my fellow honor of Kings fans to know one thing: Preventing burst damage is only the basic function of the witch’s cloak, and the following three points are more advanced uses of it.01 A review of the old, the analysis of the attributes of the witch’s cloak we should be very familiar with, but the attributes of the witch’s cloak we really understand?Why is the witch’s cloak worthy of the first resistance equipment?The main reasons are as follows: First, the base attribute of the witch’s cloak is very good, providing up to 320 spell defense and 1000 maximum health bonus.Second, the witch’s Cloak fog is very good, it takes 5 seconds to refresh a shield that absorbs 1500 spell damage.It is also because the witch’s cloak has no obvious drawbacks in stats and abilities that players will first think of when dealing high spell damage.There is an obvious misconception about the use of a witch’s cloak: it is not always too early to wear a witch’s cloak.The fog is a spell shield of 100~1500, and the demon is a spell shield of 8~120.Both fog passive and demon-bending passive need to raise the hero’s level in order to obtain higher revenue, when the hero’s level is low, the actual effect of the witch’s cloak is not ideal.If we want to target the well-developed dharma thorns like Zhuge Liang or Sima Yi in the early and middle stages, the hidden cloak + anti-devil cloak will be much more cost-effective than the witch cloak.Of course, this is just the basic information, so let’s talk about the three advanced functions of the witch’s cloak.These three advanced effects of the witch’s cloak are very good combat effect, very targeted.If you look at the picture above, there are three colors of numbers: 1500 in dark gray, 565 and 571 in purple, and 99 and 98 in green.Purple is spell damage, green is health regeneration, there is no doubt about the two, note that there is also a gray 1500, what is this damage?Many of you already know that 1500 is the effect of the witch’s cloak shield.Opposite that is to say, if there is a such as the sable cicada, Mi month by vampire mage range, then we will give priority to give a siren cape, as long as the siren cloak shield is still there, just across from the is no way to cause substantial damage to us, and when there is no substantial damage, the other heroes, there is no way to reply to any of the blood.Summary: using the shield of the witch’s cloak, we can reduce the endurance of the opposing mage.There are a number of items that can achieve 1+1 > 2 in King of Glory.As long as the passivity of the Mask of Pain is in effect, the passivity of the Sundown stream can continue to stack up after the completion of this outfit, and the two are a match made in heaven.So is there a way to solve this problem?The answer, again, is the witch’s cloak.You see, with the shield of the witch’s cloak, even if the torture passive of the mask of Pain is still in effect, as long as the shield is not broken, the passive of sundown stream cannot stack.Because of this apparent restraint, a friend of mine told me that both consumable and explosive mages are better suited to use the stick when the other side is already out of the witch.First of all, if there are five people on the other side with a witch’s cloak, there is no doubt about it.Secondly, if there are only a few people on the other side of the witch’s cloak, then I still adhere to my opinion, should be more suitable for sunset.After all, the current heroes in the Mask of Pain/Twilight category are not only consumable/persistent, they also have one thing in common — their abilities are ranged.As long as all the heroes in the skill range are not witches’ Cloaks, the effect of his coming out of the shadows will not be affected.Therefore, the witch’s cloak is indeed a good way to counter suntwilight + mask of pain, but it is not necessary to have the witch’s cloak on the other side of the sun twilight flow to the virtual wand, which is really not necessary.Summary: we can use the witch’s Cloak to prevent the sundown stream from stacking.(3) I often see someone teasing, saying that the number of injuries and the number of injuries hit the backstab armor, for this statement I am really helpless.It is true that the stab passive does very high damage when triggered, but it is still spell damage at the highest level, and to target spell damage, a witch’s cloak with a high resistance bonus and a high shield absorption is all that is needed.So, if there are multiple anti-armor heroes on the other side, don’t hesitate to use a witch’s cloak (which can block the damage of the anti-armor, and can resist the outbreak of the mage on the other side).Summary: We can use the shield of the hag’s cloak to withstand the high amount of spell damage from the counter piercing armor.To sum up, not only is the basic attribute of the witch’s cloak very comprehensive, but the fog shield also has a number of specific effects, which can be perfect for many specific scenarios. It is worthy of the first spell defense suit.That is all the content of this issue, I am Jinghai Jun, like to remember to pay attention, thank you.