Is burning!Sui Wenjing eyes tears, Han Cong sang the national anthem, 15 years of grinding a sword, too not easy

2022-06-18 0 By

Chinese pair Han Cong and Sui Wenjing won the gold medal in the pair’s free skating event at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday, bringing China’s ninth gold medal to the Olympic team.Han Cong/Sui Wenjing’s pair of green barrel is the biggest favorite of the competition. In the short program, they scored a new world record and are in excellent condition.Of course, the two competitors are also very strong, 3 pairs of Russian combination in the short program followed, the formation of three British war Lu Bu spectacular situation.China’s Ken peng at normal play, rose to the first first, but then 3 appearances on Russia combination complete transcendence, pressure Han Cong and SuiWenJing resisted pressure, two people to complete a set almost perfect action, the final three pressure on Russia combination, won the champion of the project, two people finally in Beijing interpreta dream.Han cong and Sui Wenjing have been partners for 15 years. The last time they were runners-up, they lost only 0.43 points to the champion. Now they fulfilled their dream with a perfect performance.Subsequent award ceremony, Sui Wenjing again tears, Han Cong impassioned singing the national anthem scene, also moving, let many netizens call too burning.15 years grind a sword, two people realize a dream finally Olympic Games, from the original is not optimistic, to later two people frequently suffer from injury and distress, once walk in retirement edge, two people’s persistence finally got reward.