Gu Ailing miracle one jump reverse pick gold!Bach clap for her!China topped the gold medal table

2022-06-18 0 By

In the women’s freestyle big jump final just concluded, Gu Ailing took out the world’s highest difficulty with her last jump and got the highest score of 94.5 points with her perfect performance. She won the gold medal of women’s freestyle big jump with one jump!This is the first snow gold medal for Chinese women in the history of winter Olympic Games!This is also the Third gold medal for China in the current Winter Olympics!With Gu Ailing winning the gold medal, The Chinese sports delegation ranked the first place in the medal table with 3 gold and 2 silver MEDALS, and the gold medal table was also the first place!Gu Ailing successfully challenged the difficulty of 1440 in the first jump and got 93.75 points, ranking the second. The second jump was slightly flawed and only got 88.50 points, ranking the third with a total score of 182.25 points.In the last jump, Gu Had to take a difficult move to surpass the French player who ranked no. 1. A miracle happened. Gu successfully challenged her first 1620 and scored 94.50 points.The final of women’s freestyle skiing platform in winter Olympics is just a fairy fight, there are too many masters!In particular, Tess Ludde of France scored more than 93 points in her first two jumps, 94.5 points in her first jump and 93 points in her second jump. However, she landed with a minor error in her third jump and only got 73.50 points. She won the silver medal with a total of 187.50 points in her first two jumps.Mathilde Gremaud of Switzerland made a big mistake in her third jump. She scored 89.25 points in her first jump and 93.25 points in her second jump for a total of 182.50 points.Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, was also present at the final of the women’s freestyle ski grand jump. After Gu Ailing succeeded in her last jump of 1620, Bach applauded for China’s Gu Ailing.This is really rare!It’s great for Gu To be praised by President Bach.