Which of the three careers for veterans would you choose

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The occupation that suits us to retire serviceman, relatively speaking still is more actually.Because we ex-servicemen have received some special training in the army, whether it is political awareness training, or some skills training, especially in style and discipline training, it should be said that our comprehensive quality has been recognized by many groups.In particular, there are some occupations that are more suitable for us ex-servicemen.Here, I’d like to introduce three, and let’s see which one our veterans focus on.Auxiliary police.The first is the auxiliary police.The local police force that we have now, because of some work needs, will recruit auxiliary police on a regular basis, basically everywhere.So auxiliary police this career, relatively speaking, we retired soldiers or more suitable, whether it is his daily training rhythm, or some of the regular rhythm of daily work, and even some of the collective life, are more similar to the army.And for auxiliary police, in the recruitment of auxiliary police, for our retired soldiers, many of them are retired soldiers is a priority.Especially now, all localities attach great importance to the construction of auxiliary police teams, and the more excellent auxiliary police, he may be transferred to the official police.So if our ex-servicemen are interested in the auxiliary police, they can still pay attention to it.A full-time government firefighter.The second job is a full-time firefighter for the government.For example, the Shanghai Fire and Rescue Corps is now recruiting full-time firefighters for the government. The registration process will be completed by February 28th.In this period of time, the comrades we are interested in can also pay attention to the working mode of government full-time firefighters, which is actually the former firefighters, because after it is transferred to the local government, basically its job is still to have fighters, water rescue team and so on.We should pay attention to that in the process of recruiting full-time government firefighters, the age limit for our ex-servicemen is still relaxed. Generally, those who apply are above 18 years old and below 26 years old, while for our ex-servicemen, they can be under 30 years old, so some age restrictions are relaxed for us.If you are interested in some of our retired soldiers or non-commissioned officers, you can also pay attention to full-time government firefighters.Public welfare positions.But the third occupation, which I may have mentioned, some of my comrades don’t quite agree with.But there is another for our veterans, it provides a public welfare jobs, and this job, it is actually say even month by month to receive service and so on such comrades, if because over a period of time, the family of some changes, may need through employment, also increase some income, can apply for such public welfare jobs,To increase the income of some of our extra families.In fact, public welfare posts, with the auxiliary police and firefighters are not the same.Public welfare posts should be said to be a temporary employment channel, if you do not need, or some family conditions improved, you may give up public welfare posts.Auxiliary police and firefighters, the management is very formal, and public welfare posts, depending on each place it provides you what is more suitable for you, our comrades can consider.