“This is the responsibility of medical staff”, the city’s fifth hospital 71 medical staff sleeve blood donation

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Yangtze River Daily wuhan client on February 18 (reporter Zhao Yiran Wang Kaining correspondent Yang Shiyu) in order to protect clinical blood demand, encourage the masses to donate blood without compensation to make a contribution.On the afternoon of February 17, wuhan No. 5 Hospital held an emergency blood donation activity for winter and spring. 91 medical staff signed up for the activity, and 71 people donated blood successfully, with a total amount of 15700ml.Wu Rong, member of the Party Committee and secretary of the Discipline inspection Commission of Wuhan Fifth Hospital, is in charge of this activity.She told reporters that the hospital organizes blood donation activities in spring and summer every year since winter and spring are periods when clinical blood use is relatively high but blood supply is relatively tight.It has been in operation for 13 consecutive years.”We hope to appeal and attract more volunteers and medical staff to join the team of unpaid blood donation through this campaign.”Potti said.Xiang Linhua, 59, deputy director of the hospital’s department of pediatrics, has donated blood for 16 years and 54 times, with a total blood donation of 11900ML.”I started donating blood for the first time on June 1, 2016, and I didn’t feel sick after I finished, so I started donating blood once a year, once every three months, then once every two months, and then once a month. So far, THERE is nothing wrong with me.”She appealed to the young people around her to join the blood donation.Medical staff of Wuhan No. 5 Hospital donate blood.Li Han, a 28-year-old cardiovascular medicine resident, donated blood for the first time since he was admitted to hospital.He said that after seeing the activity held by the hospital, he immediately signed up for it with his colleagues: “It is the responsibility and responsibility of medical staff to do something meaningful as long as the body allows.”For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.