“The most beautiful woman in China” will celebrate her 100th birthday, and her words are…

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January 31, 2022 is the 100th birthday of Qin Yi, the people’s artist. She was called “the most beautiful woman in China” by Premier Zhou Enlai.Qin Yi was born in 1922 in Shanghai and starred in her first film a Good Husband in 1939, beginning her life accompanied by films.In “Railway Guerrilla”, Fang Linsao would rather die than surrender, in “Ma Orchid Kai”, Ma LAN with strong character, in “Basketball No. 5”, the first sports color feature film of new China, Lin Jie, a basketball player who suffered hardships, and in “Song of Youth”, Lin Hong, a Communist party member who looked death in the face.As a witness and cultivator of Chinese film history for one hundred years, Qin Yi left many classic female images on the screen.Tong Ruixin, head of the Shanghai Film Actors’ Troupe, always describes Qin Yi in one word: “The first impression qin Yi gives us is beauty, and the second impression is still beauty.”Xi Meijuan, president of the Presidium of the Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles, shared the same feeling: “She just has a height of beauty on the outside and inside.”In 2019, at the age of 97, Qin Yi was convalescating in Huadong Hospital when she made the micro film Waiting. Even at her old age, she was still active on the big screen.Meijuan Xi plays a head nurse in Waiting: “Whether at home or in the hospital, she has a constant thread of artistic creation that runs through her whole life.At such an old age, she actually has a kind of professionalism that comes naturally when she starts writing.”In the film, Qin Yi has silver hair, a simple and elegant shawl and chic brooch.Xi was impressed by one detail during filming: “Her shawl and brooch were all her own, and she had a small box that she took out and let the director choose one by one.It’s all for the character, and she can give anything that’s needed.””My age is not up to me, but my life is up to me.” In 2014, At the age of 93, Qin Yi raised money to make the film Qinghai Lake. Regardless of her age and physical condition, she insisted on filming on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with the crew for a month.Shooting at an altitude of more than three kilometers, ruixin tong starring as with most of the shooting yi qin: “yi qin teacher said that my age is not decided by me, but my life can be up to me, I only want to live is to work, work is better than not working, I think she is so dry, I have been with her.”There was a scene where the heroine rolled down a hillside at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters in Qinghai province. Qin yi refused to use a stand-in and insisted on shooting it herself. To the persuation of the crew members, she responded: “I can shoot it and I can stand.In 2019, Qin Yi, 97, won the national honorary title of “People’s Artist” and the individual title of “The Most Beautiful Striver” as the sole representative of the film industry.Looking back on Qin Yi’s acting career, her hundred-year-old light life is inseparable from the development of new China.”After all the steps, and twists and turns, it’s a blessing that she’s here today,” niu said as she turned 100.Dashichang: “This is really a treasure of our troupe, a flag.”Cui Jie: “Qin Yi aunt, a hundred years old happy birthday.”Zhao Jing: “Teacher Qin Yi, 100 years old happy birthday.”Xi Meijuan: “Be sure to live well, eat well, we all love you.”Tong Ruixin: “Qin Yi teacher you are happy, we are very envious of you.”At the age of 95, she had a guest role in Chen Kaige’s film Legend of the Demon Cat. Happy Birthday to the goddess!END guess what you like:
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