The evening news | China respond blacklisted WeChat, GuAiLing to win a gold

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Beauty to add WeChat etc “notorious markets list” of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Feb. 18, the foreign ministry regular press conference with foreign media reporters, said: the U.S. trade representative’s office issued a statement, announced that it would China WeChat, and ali, a global speed sell tong, joining a study of counterfeit and pirated goods list “notorious markets”.What is China’s comment on that?”I would like to refer you to competent authorities.”Spokesperson Wang Wenbin further said that China has always attached great importance to ipr protection and its achievements in recent years have been witnessed by all. I would like to share with you some facts.In 2021, 110,000 invention patents were granted by foreign applicants in China, up 23% year on year, and 194,000 trademarks were registered, up 5.2% year on year. Among them, patent authorization and trademark registration of American inventions in China increased by 32.1% and 17.3% year on year respectively.The rapid growth of foreign IP in China shows that foreign enterprises have firm confidence in China’s IPR protection and business environment.Wang wenbin stressed that China always supports Chinese enterprises in carrying out relevant cooperation with other countries in accordance with market principles and local laws and regulations.We urge the us side to stop politicizing economic and trade issues, a comprehensive objective evaluation of Chinese enterprises in intellectual property protection efforts and results, for the two countries enterprises on the basis of equality and mutual benefit and mutual respect to work together to build open, fair, fair and non-discriminatory business environment, to promote the healthy and stable development of sino-us economic and trade relations.Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), said the Beijing Winter Olympics have been a success so far.”The Beijing Winter Olympics are a great Olympics under the COVID-19 pandemic.”The Beijing Winter Olympics have left a great legacy, with some winter sports world Cups and world championships coming to Beijing for the 2022-2023 season.Bach acknowledged China’s success in encouraging 300 million people to participate in snow and ice sports through its preparations for the Winter Olympics.”If even a small percentage of these people take up professional ice and snow sports in the future, it will change the world ice and snow sports.”Bach said that Chinese athletes had performed well in the Beijing Winter Olympics, and that Chinese people were very proud and proud on Chinese social media.China already has more than 2,000 ice rinks, and the Beijing Winter Olympics will leave a legacy.Bach said the IOC and individual sports federations have been meeting regularly in recent days to discuss future events in Beijing, which will host more winter sports in the future.Chinese delegation eighth gold!Gu Ailing of China won the women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb 18, 2018. Gu Ailing of China won the women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb 18, 2018. Gu Ailing of China won the halfpipe freestyle skiing final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb 18, 2018.In this project, no one can surpass Gu Ailing, and she is the only one who can surpass gu.Gu Ailing wrapped up her Winter Olympics journey with two gold MEDALS and one silver medal, the eighth gold medal for The Chinese delegation.Eighty-seven new confirmed cases were reported in China between midnight and 24:00 On February 17, according to the National Health Commission (NHC). Eighty-seven new confirmed cases were reported in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central Government and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.Among them, 47 imported cases were reported, including 21 in Guangdong, 13 in Shanghai, 3 in Fujian, 3 in Guangxi, 2 in Jilin, 2 in Shandong, 2 in Yunnan and 1 in Sichuan. Five asymptomatic cases were turned into confirmed cases (all in Guangdong).There were 40 local cases (22 in Inner Mongolia, including 21 in Hohhot and 1 in Baotou;9 cases in Liaoning province, all in Huludao City;4 cases in Jiangsu province, all in Suzhou;Four cases were reported in Guangdong, including three in Shenzhen and one in Dongguan.1 case in Yunnan, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture).No new deaths were reported.Six new suspected cases were reported, all imported (all in Shanghai).According to Worldometer real-time statistics, as of 6:30 PM On February 18, 2022, there were 4,198656,691 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 5,788,501 deaths worldwide.Globally, 2,048,639 new confirmed cases and 12,371 new deaths were reported in a single day.Us Secretary of State Blinken has accepted an invitation to meet Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov later next week if Russia does not “invade” Ukraine, the State Department said Tuesday.Some Western officials, intelligence agencies and media have been discredited by the fact that February 16, the date of global prominence, has quietly passed into the past.And with Russia’s announcement of its withdrawal, it seemed to many to ease tensions in Ukraine.By any measure, however, the crisis is far from over.Despite the Russian withdrawal announcement, accompanied by pictures and videos, the United States and its Allies have expressed skepticism, with White House officials even calling the withdrawal “fake” and an “invasion” still possible at any time.Blinken figure wu east armed with sergei lavrov data according to attack five settlement by the nearly 70 shells attack, according to the Russian satellite network, eastern Ukraine “line to carry out the ceasefire and stability issues” the representative of the joint monitoring and coordination center, said February 18, the Ukrainian government forces to wu dong folk armed control region launched 68 grenades and artillery.According to the report, the armed personnel in eastern Ukraine said that the Ukrainian government forces fired at 5 settlements in the area from 5:30 to 9:00, a total of 68 grenades and 122mm, 120mm caliber shells.According to earlier reports, the armed forces in eastern Ukraine also said on The 17th that the Ukrainian government forces violated the ceasefire agreement in the early morning of the same day, opened fire on the Luhansk region controlled by the armed forces in eastern Ukraine, and attacked with mortars and grenades for 15 minutes.The Ukrainian government has denied the attack, saying its troops were attacked by civilian forces in eastern Ukraine.The attack comes at a time of tension between Russia and NATO, which has been claiming that Russia has massed troops on its border with Ukraine in preparation for an invasion.Russia has warned that Ukraine could provoke a military solution to the crisis in eastern Ukraine.As the Beijing Winter Olympics come to a close, there is something embarrassing about Team GB’s record of zero MEDALS so far.On the 17th, that changed.Great Britain’s 8-4 semi-final victory over defending champions the United States put them through to the men’s curling final of the Beijing Winter Olympics and set up a showdown with Sweden for gold on Saturday afternoon.It also means team GB are already guaranteed a silver or gold medal in Beijing.”Great Britain are finally assured of winning their first Olympic medal in Beijing,” the Mirror reported.It also concluded with an admission that, despite a series of disappointments, the final “ensures team GB will not go home empty-handed for the first time in 30 years”.The British men’s curling team became blood slaves after believing recruitment’s response a job seeker was smuggled into Cambodia and kept as a “blood slave” in captivity after believing a job advertisement posted by responded on Feb 18, saying it was aware of media reports that referred to” deeply sympathizes with the victim and has urgently contacted relevant authorities to learn that the case is under ongoing investigation. has not found any recruitment information that mentions the company’s history.”According to media interviews with applicant Li Yaming (pseudonym), he said that in May 2021, he saw an advertisement for a security guard at a nightclub in Guangxi province on, promising a salary of more than 5,000 yuan, so he followed the advertisement to Chongzuo city, Guangxi for an interview.Since then, Li Yaming was coerced, after many twists and turns, was forced to smuggle to Cambodia, was forced to engage in telephone fraud business.After he was rejected, he was added to the list of “blood slaves” by Internet gambling companies, kept in captivity and forced to draw blood.In February, li was helped out of the park by a good Samaritan in the absence of a security guard.On February 11, With the help of the China-Cambodia Volunteer Team, a local Chinese charity organization, Li Was sent to the First China-Cambodia Hospital for treatment.On February 15, the market supervision bureau of Xiangyang city, Hubei Province, received a report from consumers that a cake shop in the city was selling cream cakes shaped like “Bing Dwen Dwen”. Law enforcement officers rushed to the scene to carry out raids.In the bakery’s freezer, law enforcement officers found bing Dwen Dwen’s cream cake, which also had “BEIJING 2022” and the Olympic rings on its stomach.The cake was also listed on the order as “Bing Dwen Dwen”.After investigation and verification by law enforcement officers, the “Bing Dwen Dwen” cake made by the merchant did not obtain the relevant authorization of Olympic symbols, which is suspected of violating the provisions of paragraph 2 of Article 4 of the Regulations on the Protection of Olympic Symbols, and constitutes an infringement of the exclusive rights of Olympic symbols.At present, xiangyang market supervision bureau has ordered the seller to stop selling and rectify, and the next step will be investigated in accordance with the law.At present, xiangyang market supervision department is carrying out the special action of intellectual property protection for the Olympic logo of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic And Paralympic Games.Law enforcement officers introduced that without permission, no one is allowed to use the Olympic logo for commercial purposes, according to the “Regulations on the Protection of Olympic Symbols” relevant laws and regulations, xiangyang market supervision will confiscate, destroy the infringing goods and corresponding fines.CCTV News Picture