Police in Shanxi have offered a 50,000 yuan reward for the arrest of a husband and wife suspected of being killed by a neighbor in the early hours of the morning

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On February 16, a major criminal case occurred in Beixue village of Gaocun township, Wanrong County, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, local police reported that 60-year-old Li Mingqing is suspected of committing a major crime, the man is now on the run, the police reward 50,000 yuan for traces of the suspect and clues to solve the case.Upstream news (mail: cnshangyou@163.com) from the victim’s relatives learned that the victims of the case for the north Xue village of a couple of 60 years old, the suspect is the same age, is still on the run, relatives are helping to deal with things, “preparing for the funeral.””The relative told upstream News.▲ Wanrong police issued a notice of assistance, showing a reward of 50,000 yuan for information on suspects.Another villager in Bexue village told an upstream news reporter, “My house is 200 to 300 meters away from the victim’s house. The crime happened on The 16th. I saw a pile of cars in front of my house this morning.The villagers said that the victims and the suspect both did not go out to work, Li Mingqing is divorced.A relative of the murdered couple told upstream news that he received a call from his father at 3 am on February 16. “My father called me and said my third father had an accident.I came back from the county seat and saw three parents pouring blood into the water. There were obvious wounds in the chest and neck.”He told reporters that Li Mingqing’s home is more than 200 meters away from his third father’s home, and his relatives are helping to deal with the aftermath. “I am preparing for the funeral.They are the same age and the police say try to solve the case and find the murderer.”According to the Wanrong County public Security Bureau, the police have offered a reward of 50,000 yuan for information on the suspects. A police officer surnamed Yang told upstream news reporters, “We are investigating. It is not convenient to disclose the reason.Source: Upstream News