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In the past two days, many provincial deputies and members of the CPPCC have repeatedly expressed that this year’s report on the work of the Government is closely focused on the core, full of heart between the lines, reading confidence, listening to warm heart.The CPC Provincial Committee and the provincial government attach great importance to the drafting of the report, and the formation process of the report is also a process of promoting democracy and pooling wisdom.Before that, Lord Pingshan sat in on several forums to solicit opinions, and felt deeply that the report of more than 18,000 words condensed the wisdom of all aspects of the province and reflected the aspirations of the people of the province.Yes, with “heart”, we can understand the government work report and the governing philosophy of the people’s government.This heart is confidence, the people’s support and the original aspiration.In 2021, Fujian has delivered a hard-won and steady report card.In 2022, I will continue to take the exam.The report clearly sets out the main targets for this year’s economic and social development.Pingshan jun found that report very confident, we achieve the goal, have the confidence, advantage, has a base – confidence is that have xi general secretary at the helm of the pilot and the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, with xi jinping, a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics scientific guidance, the policy support and of how much area overlay the national macroeconomic regulation and control policy guarantee,More than 40 million people in the province have been united in their struggle.With this confidence, we will overcome all risks and challenges and forge ahead with courage and determination.The advantage is that General Secretary Xi Jinping, who has worked in Fujian for 17 and a half years, has left us valuable ideological wealth, spiritual wealth and practical achievements. He has always attached great importance to and cared for The development of Fujian, and personally drew up grand blueprints for the development of Fujian at every key juncture. This is the most significant and unique advantage of Fujian’s development.Grasping this advantage, we will be able to stay firm in the right direction, build up a solid foundation and forge ahead.The foundation lies in fujian’s profound cultural heritage and endowment, such as red, open, cultural and ecological heritage. The People of Fujian have the spirit of striving to win and being the first in the world. Fujian’s economy is resilient, dynamic and stable, and its long-term positive trend remains unchanged.As long as we keep our heads down and work hard for a long time, we will surely achieve our goals and win a better future.Jinjiang international shoe spinning city map source: Fujian business a construction drawing to warm the hearts of the people report with “six coagulation heart gather force” to this year’s government work made a comprehensive deployment.Lord Pingshan’s greatest feeling was that the deployment was very specific, with projects, measures and measures. It was a detailed “construction drawing”.To achieve high-quality development is ultimately to enable the people to live a better life.The report uses “five concessions” to plan the high-quality life of Fujian people — to make the channels for increasing people’s income more diversified.We will adjust the minimum wage and the standard of social assistance.We will strengthen support for college graduates and retired military personnel in finding jobs or starting their own businesses, and continue to help rural migrant workers and urban residents with financial difficulties find jobs. Over the course of the year, more than 500,000 new urban jobs were created, and more than 100,000 unemployed urban people were re-employed.”Rong Bo Hui” and college graduates matchmaking meeting Photo source: Fuzhou Daily Make education development more quality and balanced.A total of 200 public kindergartens were built, renovated or expanded, and 40,000 pre-school education degrees and 60,000 compulsory education degrees were added.We will implement the plan to upgrade regular senior high schools in counties and the plan to develop high-level vocational colleges and specialized schools.We will expand the supply of education resources for the elderly.We will continue to step up efforts to implement the “double reduction” policy.Let more people benefit from a healthy Fujian.We will speed up the construction of regional medical centers, county hospitals, community hospitals and nursing stations to provide people with health services at their doorstep.We implemented a project to provide community-level medical and health professionals with three qualifications and one batch, and organized 1,000 doctors to work in community-level hospitals.We implemented eight projects under the Action Plan to strengthen weak links in public health.CCTV reporters Zheng Xujia, Lai Xiaobo, Shaxian General Hospital, make social security more sound and powerful.Each county (city and district) has built one nursing home for the disabled, with over 10,000 beds for the elderly, and 70 regional rural nursing service centers.We will fully implement the universal coverage plan.We will improve the urban and rural social assistance systems.Construction will begin on over 70,000 government-subsidized rental housing units.A caregiver plays games with the elderly at the home community Care center in Jialian Street, Siming district, Xiamen, China.Fujian Daily reporter Shi Chenjing/Photo to make cultural undertakings more prosperous.We will strengthen and make good use of the Research Center for Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.We will deepen and expand the development of civilization practice centers in the new era.We will promote delayed opening of public cultural venues and orderly opening of campus sports facilities.We will protect the ancient buildings, old houses and old streets of Fuzhou.Higher income, better employment, better environment, more secure education, medical care and old-age care…Towards a happy life, we advance steadily!The report sets out clear requirements for the self-improvement of the government and strives to build a government that the people are satisfied with.Seeking happiness for the people is the original aspiration of communists.This report is also a solemn commitment to the people.Review the beginner’s mind, feel the beginner’s mind, practice the beginner’s mind, hold up the stable happiness of the people.The report calls for upholding the overall leadership of the CPC, strengthening the self-improvement of the government, carrying forward the great spirit of building the Party, consolidating and expanding achievements in the study and education of party history, forging the spirit of loyalty, keeping in mind the greatness of the country, and striving to build a political organ that serves the people, a government based on the rule of law, a government with high efficiency, and a clean government.Adhering to the original spirit of the ring and bearing in mind its mission, the aims of the report will certainly be turned into a beautiful reality!Source: Fujian Daily · New Fujian client Pingshan Jun studio Editor: Du Nina review: Peng Bin