Once the woman moved the feeling, the body these a few “reaction” the most obvious, wrong!

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If there are things in this world that are hardest to hide, love must be one of them.When you love someone, you soon find that you can’t do anything.Originally free and easy a person, but from now on there are obstacles, as long as a leisure down, will always think of each other’s figure.This is an irresistible impulse, as if it has been etched into the bone marrow general, a heart around the sweetheart from then on.When you can’t see it, you can’t help missing it, but when you see it, it’s another scene.Maybe you pretend to be so calm that the other person can’t see what’s going on in your mind.But details will easily betray you, the more you like a person, the performance at this moment, the more clear at a glance.When a woman faces her beloved, she may behave more differently.Because once the heart moves, then all behavior, it is possible to be out of control.Moved the woman of affection, the body often can appear such a few remarkable “reaction”.01 look will be some flustered heart if calm, then demeanor, is also calm as usual.You could not look at her, you could not speak to her.But once she likes you, you can easily sense the change.Because you will find that the person in front of you, it seems that there are always some “strange”.She seems a little afraid to see you, and every time you make eye contact with her, she looks away.She’s also prone to getting out of line with you.Sometimes her words are so incoherent that you don’t know what she’s trying to say.Sometimes it is easy to make mistakes, such as accidentally dropping things on the floor.There are times when she sees you from a distance and begins to deliberately avoid it for fear of meeting you face to face.If she doesn’t, she will be shy and confused when you greet her.This is a woman just like a person, the most obvious signal.At this moment, she has a good impression of your heart, but I do not know what your heart is thinking, more do not know how the future will become.So a variety of complex emotions intertwined together, as soon as I saw you, they began to have some panic.You like a person, always can’t help but want to see him two eyes.It’s an urge that’s really hard to control.When a woman likes you, you will naturally become the center of her attention.As the saying goes, “As far as the eye can see, it’s all you.”The eyes are the window of the soul, like it or not, the information revealed in the eyes is the most telling.People who love you, a moment not to see you, the in the mind will be very uncomfortable.So when you show up in front of her, he always looks at you like that.Your every word, every action, she all see, remember.And when you happen to catch her looking at you, her eyes will immediately avoid you.At this moment, her heart is beating very fast, but she has to pretend as if nothing has happened, as if she has never paid attention to you.But when you’re not looking at her, she can’t help looking at you, as if it’s the only way to calm her restless mind a little.Like a person, even if the mouth does not say, but the eyes are very honest.Women have always been sensitive to the approach of the opposite sex.If she doesn’t like you, she will subconsciously keep you at arm’s length.Even if they go out to eat together, they will not sit next to you, nor will they have any intimate behavior with you.On the one hand, is afraid of others to see cause misunderstanding, on the other hand, is the heart how much will be some resistance.After all, if you get too close to someone of the opposite sex who has no feelings, it’s hard to avoid feeling a little uncomfortable.But if she likes you, then this kind of diaphragm feeling in the heart, will naturally disappear.Instead of pushing you away, she will take the initiative and slowly approach you.Because at this moment of her, already not satisfied with so far looking at you.She wants to get to know you, get to know you, get close to you, and have more interaction with you.Therefore, every encounter is a precious moment for her.She can’t help but stand in front of you when she’s talking to you.When you’re together, she can’t help but lean into your body.Sometimes she will pat you on the shoulder and pull you by the arm without meaning to.Because I like you, I can’t help wanting to get closer to you.This is what women look like when they feel emotional: a little shy, a little delighted, a little expectant.When she meets you, she looks flustered.She looks at you when you’re not looking.She always wants to be close to you when she’s with you.Her heart, you know!If you want to know more exciting content, come to yue Magazine