Is it worth the investment to graduate at 30?Just know how scarce PHDS are

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Statistics show that in 2021, the number of postgraduate applicants reached 3.77 million, and in 2022, the number of postgraduate applicants increased by 800,000, reaching 4.57 million.It can be seen that many undergraduates nowadays are not interested in finding a job after graduating from college, and instead focus most of their energy on improving their academic qualifications.After all, there is a saying that “sharpening the knife does not miss the firewood worker”, increase their professional “thickness”, it is easier to master the initiative in the job market.However, although the number of postgraduate entrance examination has increased in recent years, the number of PhD graduates with high academic qualifications and high level is still very rare.It is precisely because of this, many students every year on the question of whether to read a PhD.Getting a PhD is hard, and getting one is even harder.On the one hand, most have now Dr. Authorized standing institutions, are all taken “application by discussion”, interested students need to be their academic research achievements, this experience will prove file to make “resume” the level of academic research, professor and with the relevant recommendation delivered to intention of colleges and universities, through layers of screening to shore.On the other hand, even if the students succeed in landing, the examination, experimental data and graduation thesis are still one obstacle after another for the students, and even the word “delay” has become common in the doctoral stage.No doubt, this approach is somewhat unreasonable, so in order to solve the “graduation problem” of doctoral students, such as The University of Science and Technology of China, Harbin Institute of Technology and other schools decided to extend the basic doctoral program from three years to four years, leaving more time for students to do research.The University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), in particular, not only humanely extended the duration of doctoral study, but also extended the duration of postgraduate and doctoral study from five to six years.More important is, at present many double first-class universities have the tendency of this respect, so prolong the school system will undoubtedly become a big trend.Of course, a longer academic year would be a good thing for most PhD students, with a modest reduction in research anxiety.But at the same time, it also means doctoral students will be 30 by the time they graduate.With age being a key factor in job hunting, many students have become “leftover” after graduation. Even state-owned enterprises, civil servants and public institutions, which are friendly to fresh graduates, have a clear age limit of 35.Is the investment really worth it?It is often said that “at 30 years old”, but doctoral students at this age have just started their career, compared with ordinary students, “start later”, so is it really worth the effort?In the past, parents would probably say that it was not worth it. After all, the overall educational level of the society was not high at that time, and it was undoubtedly a waste of time to enter the workplace after finishing a doctor’s degree.However, nowadays, the educational level of everyone has been significantly improved, and the requirements of employers for talents are also gradually improved, so it is still necessary for some students to study for a doctor’s degree.Especially from the relevant data, in 20 years, the number of Doctoral graduates in China is 61317, while the number of undergraduate graduates is 8.74 million, the number of doctoral graduates only accounts for 0.702% of the total number of undergraduate students, if this data plus college students, then it is more scarce.It is precisely because of the high degree and small number of doctoral students, many universities and institutions will extend an olive branch to such students, or even offer favorable conditions to compete for such talents, so no matter in terms of personal value, future development, or salary level are far beyond ordinary students.More importantly, doctoral students almost do not need to go to the job field to seek opportunities, generally through the recommendation of the supervisor to enter dachang, or by the university’s long-term cooperative enterprises in advance “booked” is the main way out for doctoral students.Although most PhD students do not need to worry about work, and the various allowances and bonuses offered by enterprises are attractive, students should also do what they can, because it is a very hard road to go.If the students do not have a strong anti-pressure psychology and excellent strength, I am afraid it is difficult to successfully shore.In fact, most of the doctoral students majoring in science and technology are actually immersed in the laboratory all the year round. In the process of scientific research, they always experience failure, the proposal is rejected, and the paper is typed back.If students’ inner ability to resist pressure is not good, it is difficult to maintain an optimistic attitude, and it is easy to give up halfway on the way to study.In addition, during the doctoral study, we have to read various references and research materials, especially the final SCI writing test students’ comprehensive level, the lack of either will appear “graduation problem”.So students in the application of doctor, must consider clearly, because this is a can not turn back the road, ask yourself more confidence and strength to judge more appropriate oh.Do you think studying for a PhD is worthwhile?