Involved in the amount of more than 15 million men lending bank cards were arrested

2022-06-17 0 By

Jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) news (correspondents XiangKaijun, Yin Juntao) only need to provide id card and bank card can “lie down” to earn money, zaoyang a man can not stand friends beguiled into the abyss of crime.On April 6, the author learned that the North city police station of The Public Security Bureau of Zaoyang City captured a suspected of helping information network crime activities of the suspect Li mou.It is understood that the beicheng police station police in the daily study and judgment of the “broken card” action clues found that the district residents li is suspected of helping information network criminal activities.Therefore, anti-fraud police immediately on li mou’s bank account analysis, found that li mou’s bank card there is a large number of abnormal transaction flow, and in just a few days transfer records up to more than 15 million yuan, is likely to money laundering for fraudsters.After in-depth investigation, analysis and judgment, the police finally determined that Li was suspected of helping information network crime and successfully captured it.Classics check, criminal suspect Li mou and Liang Mou are old friend.In early February this year, Liang mou found Li Mou, hope its lend bank card to him “brush running water”, still have certain favour fee.Li mou knows that Liang mou does illegal thing with its bank card, but one does not pull face to refuse, two heart fluke feels can lie to earn money, then deal with good bank card to Liang Mou, and collected 3000 yuan of good treatment fee.After interrogation, suspect Li mou to its provide bank card to help information network crime money laundering crime facts confessed.At present, the suspect Li mou has been detained by criminal law, the case is being further dug for.