Cousin Ten Thousand Blessings was also defeated, another excellent rise of Qianshan Tea guest, 9.7 points was blown by fans

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Hello everyone, I am Wofan. Recently, many book fans have been asking what novels are worth recommending to read due to the serious shortage of books. Wofan, as a bookworm, also feels the same way!Now every day for everyone to choose high quality and high popularity of the classic novel, no pro test, absolutely classic not vulgar, let you have a good time!Look good, remember to collect, no longer afraid of book shortage!Today I recommend to you: “cousin Wan Fu” was defeated, qianshan tea guest and a good rise, 9.7 points by fans blew the first book: “dear daughter reborn, son of the heart pet” author: Flourishing small demon brief: Gu Wan wan’s life was oppressed: was robbed of fame, status, money, and then was personally pushed into the abyss.Born again, she stepped on her aunt, seized the family property, revenge, just to find a good husband.Some world lock her both hands: “this world is not good?”Pothole guide: More?”What else?”Yu Ruoxian paused.Billows a little closer.”Really?”Yu Ruoxian shook her head: “I don’t know, ruoxian thinks there is nothing else wrong, these are all ruoxian can think of, if the princess asked what else, that Ruoxian when really can’t think of.”His tone was sincere and his attitude seemed good.It’s a good thing this is the Palace of the Deep, not a gathering place for women.Otherwise.It must have attracted a wave of sympathy, almost blaming the orange and orange billow for her appearance.Billow patted hands, star immediately handed over the pan, billow took the pan wipe hands, eyes full of banter.”Let’s go. Your majesty is waiting for the princess to have dinner.”The Lord is still waiting for her to eat?Yu Ruoxian’s fingertips quivered.That is to say, the king is now in the palace, but do not want to come to the front.His majesty would not have been unaware of her presence if she had been alive, but he would not have taken her seriously.Let the woman handle it herself, so even if she’s being unreasonable and freaking out, it doesn’t matter?Yu Ruoxian only felt her chest beat irrepressible, but also irrepressible anger.What is this woman showing off? Is it fun?(click below to read for free) the second book: “dear Wife daughter” author: Qianshan tea guest introduction: “Cousin Wanfu” was also defeated, Qianshan tea guest another good work rise, 9.7 points by fans blown Miss Xue, talent and beauty, 16 married ruyi Lang, conjured harmony, three years of companionship, Lang Jun high school champion.Husband rong wife is not expensive, his sex greedy title and salary, to do the bridegroom, regard her as still the stumbling block on the princess road, kill his wife off heir.Guide to the Pit: His amber eyes reflected the stars and lights of the night, and she was clearly reflected through the crowd.Jiang Li hands a loose, butterfly fan suddenly fell to the ground, hit the ground, a crisp sound.And in the lively was instantly submerged.But she didn’t care at all. She just kept her eyes on the young man in the red coat, and walked toward her, step by step.It was as if he had sat on the other side of the wall years ago.She sings on the swing in the wall.And like the roof of the buddhist temple, moonlight dim, she lit candles to lift eyes, shocked the world of color.Those sour, sad, wistful and hopeless, have gone.Peach blossom color, he neither hurry nor slow toward him, the world of people come and go, also did not stop his footsteps.Swan goose degree green, red beans born in the south, acacia million, but only one lover.That’s him. That’s him. There’ll be no one else.He went to jiang Li, bent down to pick up the butterfly fan pendant from her feet, as always between the eyebrows frivolous and seductive, smiling back to her, “girl, you seem to have picked up my things.”Jiang Li chuckled.She had thought the most beautiful encounter, the original world is rare reunion.”And how are you going to repay me?”She turned her head and her eyes were smiling. “How about making love to each other?”(click below free reading) the third: “cousin ten thousand blessings” author: Still like a brief introduction: Yu Yao did a nightmare.In the dream, she married song Mingzhao, the son of the marquis of the town, and became the medicine of the third sister Yu And Jia.After three years of blood withdrawal, young Yu died of all her iron, her heart gouged out and she died.After waking up, 9 years old yu young yao heart liver chaos quiver, hugged the cousin thigh that deep and remote state comes tightly: “cousin, I will be good to you all my life.”Enter pit guide: yu Young Yao smiled gently:”So please come on in and brought them word again, my my in-laws Xie Fu have a ZuXun, to all over the world, when, by the people, is the money, seven points for the benefit of one party, three points to the body, don’t make unjust gain, no injustice, this is the picture, the monarch father, teach, always admire the heart from good businessman Gu Shen.”Mrs Huang smiled.Other people on the scene also echoed: “No wonder Xie Fu donated most of his belongings as soon as he made a move, without even blinking an eye. There was such ancestral instruction in the family, and Xie Fu was really righteous.””Xie fu’s name as a benevolent merchant really lives up to its reputation.””Heard the grandmother of infantile, the old lady of yu believes in Buddhist law, infantile dozen small raise in grandmother’s side, and have xie Fu this layman of great righteousness and good deeds.No wonder the princess has a heart of gold…””……”Who is not a fool, which can not hear, Shao Yi monarch is taken outside Xie Fu, beating to White House headed by a dry gentry family.There is no shortage of intelligent people in this world. When Xie Fu made a move, he was beating up the gentry with half his wealth.Mrs. Huang took Yao’s hand and spoke warmly.(Click below to read for free) Today’s temporary recommendation here, the recommendation is I have seen the absolute high quality oh!To see other types of book list recommendations, remember to click on the top right corner of the following!Also welcome to leave a comment like!You are the motivation of xiaobian, xiaobian will work harder and harder!Looking forward to your message.Sado-love: she was abandoned after the difficult birth of twins, 15 years later, Gemini came back to the emperor turned heaven sweet pet: “Nuan-nuan, you were held in my hand grew up, you think I give up you were abducted by others.” Sado-love: she is determined to fall from the stairs, “Mu Mochen, you want to use my child to save her, dream!”He woke up and looked at a mess of clothes: immediately check for me, who is this girl!Strong push: “peach blossom tears, three days of the city” just see a few chapters on the love, writing amazing into the pit do not regret!