Carrying a camera bag into the water!A ningbo doctor went to siming Mountain to take photos of snow and rescued a 2-year-old child from a frozen lake (1)

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Qian Jiang Evening News · Hour News reporter Tang Xufeng correspondent Pang Yun today, in the affiliated Hospital of Ningbo University staff wechat group, friends circle, a good deed received many likes and forwarding.Zhang Burong, a doctor at the clinical laboratory of the hospital, was photographing snow scenery alone in Yangtian Lake of Siming Mountain when a 2-year-old child fell into the water. He didn’t have time to remove his camera equipment and jumped directly into the water to safely return the child to his family.39 days in the cold wind, did not hesitate to enter the water to save people, the doctor is too warm!These two days, siming Mountain snow scenery became ningbo people Spring Festival short tour card, many photography enthusiasts and tourists to view the scenery, shooting.As a veteran photography enthusiast, Dr. Zhang Burong’s photography skills and level are second to none in the hospital, and he often wins awards in photography competitions.Yesterday (February 4), the start of spring day, taking advantage of the Spring Festival rotation rest, he back professional photography equipment, driving to Siming Mountain.Due to traffic control and road problems, he parked his car in a designated parking lot and hiked up the mountain to Yangtian Lake. While shooting, he communicated with his friends in the photography circle through wechat.Around noon, after hiking for more than an hour, he arrived at Yangtian Lake and was about to look for the location and Angle of the camera when he heard a cry, “Help!The baby’s in the water. Come on, come on, come on…”Zhang Burong just not far away, looking for the sound to see a 2 year-old boy in the water, too late to think, regardless of the cold, also regardless of the body of the “baby” equipment, suddenly jumped into the water.The cold lake water soaked the down jacket on his body, and he felt cold all over his body. However, Zhang Burong rushed directly to the child after entering the water. Fortunately, the child just slipped into the water and flopped.After the child was rescued, the parents kept thanking him, although the child fell into the water frightened, but the overall situation is ok, no symptoms of drowning.Seeing Dr. Zhang’s good deed, the tourists around gave him a thumbs-up and hurried back to change his wet clothes.After Dr. Zhang left, the child’s father looked for him and thanked him face to face.In a phone interview with a reporter from The Hour News, Jang said, I didn t expect my friends in the photo circle to post it. It was only a matter of a few minutes.Because I had been hiking for more than an hour, I was hot, but I didn’t feel cold when I went into the water. Later, my clothes were soaked, and I realized it was cold. Fortunately, my child was ok and I was relieved!”When asked if the camera equipment was damaged, Dr. Zhang joked: “Maybe it was a good deed. All the equipment in the bag is intact!”He explained that his photography bag is not bad, after practice, waterproof effect can also.What a humorous and caring doctor! Kudos to Dr. Chang for his heart-warming gesture!