Average daily transport passengers 418,000 person-times suzhou bus more than 1200 non-local staff post holiday

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In order to ensure the holiday travel of citizens and help in the prevention and control of the epidemic, more than 1,200 front-line staff of Suzhou bus in other places responded to the call of “staying in Suzhou for the Spring Festival” and gave up the opportunity to reunite with their families and spent the Spring Festival at their posts.From Chinese New Year’s Eve to the third day of the New Year, buses in Suzhou transported about 1.67 million passengers, with an average of about 418,000 passengers per day.”Job number 207695, departure time…”At 14:05 on February 4th, with the arrival of the departure order, It was Wei Yudang’s turn to drive the 262 bus from huning Park Metro station, and began another day’s work.Due to the grim situation of epidemic prevention and control, Wei, who had booked a ticket to return to his hometown of Xuzhou for the Spring Festival, chose to stay in Jiangsu for the Spring Festival.Every time go out of the car, Master Wei can arrive 1 hour ahead of schedule, while checking the safety facilities such as tire, light, brake, clean the carriage sanitation, and disinfect again.He said that during the Spring Festival holiday, there were quite a large number of passengers taking no.262 to Guanqian Street, Suzhou Museum, Humble Administrator’s Garden, Master of Nets Garden and Beishi Pagoda every day. More careful prevention work would not only protect the health of passengers, but also better protect themselves.The driver of Bus No. 101, Wang Lei, is a native of Taizhou. The route passes through hospitals, business districts and other places, and there will be many elderly passengers on the bus during holidays.He said that although he could not be with his family, he felt warm when he saw the smiles of passengers on the bus and thought of his colleagues.No. 53 driver Luo Haitao is also a bus worker who will stay in Jiangsu for the New Year. During the Spring Festival, he used wechat video to pay New Year’s greetings to his parents, wife and children in Henan province, telling each other how much he misses them.He said that he has been away from home for more than half a year and is very worried about his family. Fortunately, it is very convenient to chat on the Internet now. “When people are not together, they can greet each other face to face through the phone screen.”The person in charge of suzhou public transportation company said that due to the particularity of the public transportation industry, most drivers stick to their posts as usual during the holidays of each year. During the Spring Festival holiday, in order to ensure the convenience of tourists and citizens, routes through scenic spots, commercial districts and other places have to work overtime and add rings.”The Spring Festival does not return home, the taste of the New Year can not be weak”, to stay in The Su New Year’s day of non-local workers, the company prepared the “Spring Festival gift package”, in visit condolences at the same time, the branch leadership also led the management personnel, and the drivers package dumplings dumplings dumplings together, with the New Year’s Eve dinner.Among them, Wuzhong bus through the station multimedia information release system, on the “cloud” to all staff New Year’s greetings, care and blessing to the hearts of employees.(Su Bao Rong media reporter Xu Yunhai Suzhou public transport company, Wuzhong public transport for the map) Editor: Wu Hao