A group that should not be ignored!”Happy School”, a public welfare activity of China Telecom Zhejiang On March 15, helped protect the rights and interests of elderly consumers

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On March 15, the annual international consumer rights day dawned, protection of rights and interests of consumers become the focus of social attention, China telecom company in zhejiang province within the province business hall to carry out “3 • 15 2022 international consumer rights day” commonweal theme activities, propaganda, on the basis of the combination of online attention to make the consumers’ rights and interests,Let all sides can hear our voice for consumers.FIG. 1 3•15 Consumer Rights Day live broadcast “Information and Communication Benefit people’s Life, Service Improves Superior Perception”. Ningbo Heyi Road Business Hall explained network communication security issues to users in the form of online live broadcast. Telecom staff mentioned in the live broadcast that goods should be purchased through formal channels and evidence should be retained in case of disputes.Consumers should use the law to protect our legitimate rights and interests.To always take precautions against the string, beware of new communication fraud, at the same time to remind everyone “virtual phone trap, the number is strange do not lightly receive”, but also for the audience to send exclusive gifts.”Happy School” is an aging service brand launched by Zhejiang China Telecom, aiming to help the elderly better integrate into the smart society and enjoy the convenience brought by the digital era. At present, large-scale teaching has been conducted in hundreds of center halls across the province.In order to meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control, and to solve the practical problem that some elderly people are not able to go out, business offices around Hangzhou moved the “March 15 International Consumer Rights Day” Happiness School course online.Figure Sanying industry Hall anti-fraud propaganda day teaching through live broadcast, wechat group video, PPT and other ways, to introduce anti-fraud knowledge, through the real case sharing, remind students to beware of being cheated in daily life, do not be greedy for cheap, buy fake and shoddy products, three no products;Do not listen to the stranger’s rhetoric, for top – up phone charges and other business to the formal business hall;Do not scan strange TWO-DIMENSIONAL code at will, in order to prevent information leakage, to the opportunity of the criminals.The elderly are one of the groups whose consumer rights are most vulnerable to infringement.Through the continuous publicity of the “Happy School” of the telecom business hall, it can help them improve the awareness of fraud prevention, reduce the possibility of consumer rights and interests being violated, so that the elderly can better enjoy the digital life and feel the care and warmth from the telecom.Figure 4 theme event in addition, in wenzhou, taizhou and other local telecom business hall, in view of the customer into the hall, outdoor workers, such as the general public for 3.15 consumer rights day propaganda, issuing the measures for the implementation of zhejiang province, such as fraud prevention manual paper propaganda page, part of the business hall for the user to send condolences eggs, also provide free press and other warm heart services.Picture 5 Love ambassadors are propagandized. Consumers should protect their rights and enterprises should also shoulder their social responsibilities.In safeguarding the rights and interests of consumers, China Telecom Zhejiang company insists on improving the service quality of business halls, improving business handling capacity, and striving to achieve “satisfactory service, full trust”.More importantly, we should continue to carry out regular publicity through public welfare platforms such as Happiness School, and help protect the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly, outdoor workers and other groups from the source of fraud prevention and smart phone use.