To my soul mate: Although you are far away, you are my warmest thoughts

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Do you know, when the night falls, I can’t help thinking about you?Do you know, when I walk alone on the corner, I can’t help looking for your shadow?A separation, cast a life can not already lovesickness, I miss, let me only in your other shore tianya watch you.Thousands of mountains, I will always be deeply thinking of you, whether you know it or not, my love life and you do not abandon, because, in addition to you in this world, no one can come into my heart.In not together, you are the most important love in this life, can meet, you are the most gentle miss in this life.I care about your changes in temperature, care about your joys and sorrows, in the distance where you are not, silently miss you in the distance.World scenery again beautiful, can’t enjoy with you, is also the eyes of desolation;The world of mortals meet more, can not shoulder to shoulder with you, others, but are a common rub shoulders.Just as Lin Huiyin said;You are the flowers in the trees, you are the swallows whispering in the beams, you are love, you are warmth, you are hope, you are the April of the world!In one’s life, it is rare to meet a heart of love, I am glad, I met you, a heart of you, a dream around the soul of you.A meet, let me become the luckiest person in the world, a separation, but let me become the most helpless person in the world.Sigh with emotion, if life is only such as first see, what matter autumn wind sad picture fan, unluckily the love of this world difficult then people wish, love you love to the depths of love, but after all, the enemy but shallow edge such as ice, a warm love, to the last actually became a person I miss.Edge is gone, and love is difficult to check, life is limited, and thought boundless, since parting, a heart has been deeply thinking of you.Flowers season, leaves fall season, wind and rain, sunny, the eyes see all things, always inadvertently provoked my eyebrows acacia.Whenever acacia feeling, full of sadness, unexpectedly feel that this vast between heaven and earth, no place can arrange my acacia.I will miss the wind, the wind does not understand;I will miss v. on, on it does not know, a bosom acacia, only deeply stored in the bottom of my heart, hidden into this life can not say the secret.Honey, I love you!You are the only one in my heart forever, this life comes to an end, but the deep feeling is hard to move!Can’t do husband and wife, be a soul mate for the whole life with tears in his eyes, thinking of you can’t forget, that year waved goodbye, from now on it will be difficult to forget you.Fate ended our dependence, but I can not stop your mood, a heart, full of your thinking.You are the spring green, you are the summer breeze, you are the autumn moon, you are the winter snow, looking at the mountains, mountains are you, see the water, water are all read.In fact, the world of mortals has nothing to do with you, I see the mountain, the mountain is you, the moon, the month like Yi, all because you live in my heart.Do not go to the lovesickness, separated by constant attachment, this life together, I will accompany you in my heart, can not do fireworks husband and wife, do the soul of a lifetime partner.To soul mate: long time no see, really miss you time, flying flowers and leaves fall, in a hurry, looking back, already far away in the past, but my heart, still for you to stay in the first time.First, that beauty, that warm, is my life never forget.At first sight, that feeling, that love, is my whole life love long.Dear someone, long time no see, really miss you, although you are far away, but occupy all my memories, think your heart never have a moment away, love for you never have a moment down.Miss you, miss you, far watch, deeply caring, in the distance where you are not, there is a person, has been warm to put you in the soul, deep feeling into chi for you, for you acacia addiction.Write a love letter to the soul lover: you are my deepest love in this life, love a, is a lifetime of cherish, you make me accompany, I love for you lead life!