Spring Festival does not close to grasp the rectification taoyuan comprehensive implementation of ecological environmental protection political responsibility

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Rednet moment Changde On February 4th (correspondent Hou Bihai) On February 3rd, the weather was fine.The author came to Taoyuan County Guanyin temple town Yanjiaping village, I saw Yisheng building materials factory, a number of operations are under construction at the same time.The on-site personnel took charge of the demolition and transfer of 2 guns, 10 excavators, 8 cranes and 20 transport vehicles, acting in a swift and orderly manner.Rectify the site.”According to the arrangement of the county party committee and the county government, we have completed the demarcated piling, demolished the sheds, board houses and part of the facilities and equipment. On the seventh day, we will complete the removal of all equipment, the removal of materials and the transfer of equipment, and start the work of covering soil and regreening.”The person in charge of the scene introduced.Learned, receiving “of the Yangtze river economic belt of the ecological environment warning in 2021 is assigned by the big man creek yi sheng building materials factory since environmental issues, taoyuan, the county party committee county government attaches great importance to the standing committee of the county (expand) meeting overnight, the county government executive meeting, concentrated to warning, research deployment of county ecological environment protection work, deployment planning ahead of time, work with strong power,Strengthen self-examination and rectification.The Standing Committee studied and made arrangements for ecological and environmental protection.The county was set up by the county party secretary, county head as double team leader, the relevant deputy county head in charge of deputy team leader, water conservancy, housing, forestry, natural resources and other functional departments as members of the rectification work leading group, strengthen work scheduling, layer upon layer compaction responsibility, adhere to the problem oriented, pay close attention to the implementation of the problem.The author learned that in recent days, the units and departments of the environmental protection inspectors assigned to the problem of no price, no cost, no delay, no cover up, On January 29 to determine the environmental protection problems of the rectification plan, On February 1 equipment in the field, On February 2 to start the demolition of the remaining equipment in the building materials factory, brick building dock and part of the equipment transfer……This Spring Festival, the relevant departments of the county are highly attached importance to the cancellation of vacation, in strict accordance with the time node inversion period, full rectification.Repeated rain and snow weather, rectification heat is not reduced.On February 2, the county party committee secretary pompo at the construction site a line scheduling, emphasized: “all functional departments to seriously draw lessons, regulatory responsibilities to implement the ecological environment, to vigorously promotes environmental problems rectification and extrapolate to establish a long-term mechanism, the full implementation of ecological civilization construction and ecological environment protection and political responsibility, determined the rectification in place in time, the quality of ecological environment problems.”County Party secretary Pang Bo on-site scheduling ecological environmental problems rectification.It is reported that the county not only fully received the list of problems, carefully comb the whole process, but also to Yisheng building materials factory environmental problems as an opportunity, a comprehensive investigation and rectification of ecological environmental problems in various fields, severely crack down on illegal behavior, encourage the public to report environmental problems clues, resolutely put an end to similar problems occur again.