Securities market came 4 big news, 3 big good, A shares next week where to go?

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The latest news, 200 million investors attention!Saturday is not open, but the securities market news is extremely not calm, let me increase confidence, A share 3023 “gold pit” more solid, in addition, the four news are closely related to the next trend of A shares, please be sure to finish reading carefully!First, the central bank held a working meeting on financial stability!Take preventing and resolving risks as the eternal theme of financial work:Stability since March 16, after the meeting, A line of the two sessions are A positive policies protecting China’s capital market, and we also see this period of time, a-share market is from the bottom up, in the present market top under constant care, khufu believe, a-share market will be better and better, but these people are also to note, that is A lot of good,All belong to the long-term positive, and in the short term, the market will not rise and fall may, so we do not see a favorable good, think that the market can rise, the index is a step by step out.Second, 2.79%!The renminbi’s share of global foreign exchange reserves is rising, while the US dollar has slipped, according to the latest data from the International Monetary Fund.RMB foreign exchange reserves accounted for 2.79%, a new high since data began.Lao Hu believes that the increase in RMB foreign exchange reserves is mainly due to the domestic economic recovery capacity after the epidemic, and the overall offshore RMB exchange rate against the US dollar has been appreciating in the past two years, with an obvious trend of appreciation.From the point of the capital market, foreign investment in recent years, began to constantly increase the configuration of the Chinese equity assets, especially after the outbreak, and since the outbreak of the situation in Russia and Ukraine, the core of renminbi assets status began to improve, although we note that in the short term, there is a certain including north channel, foreign outflow, but the trend is changeless, foreign capital will continue to pick one of them.Third, the first quarter of public fund performance rankings!Cycle real estate, coal to become the winner.Interpretation: A share market in the first quarter has closed, corresponding to the public offering fund in the first quarter performance ranking has also been presented, it is worth mentioning that last year’s performance leading new energy funds have suffered A large withdrawal, and the corresponding allocation of real estate, coal and other cyclical shares of the fund performance made A big profit.According to the data, the average loss of active equity funds this year was 14.28%, nearly 80 funds achieved positive returns, some of which exceeded 10% in the first quarter.To be honest, the market style is constantly changing, there is no eternal track!Last year’s new energy competition, to the first quarter of this year’s low valuation plate, has been in rotation.For citizens, the investment fund also need to choose the time, especially when a track is hot, do not recommend everyone to chase, and for some still at the bottom of the logical track, is also worth ambuscade.Fourth, vice secretary general of China Automobile Association: the demon price of lithium!Interpretation: in recent years, the whole upstream of new energy vehicles, some lithium and other resource prices are soaring, leading to downstream businesses suffering!In particular, with lithium prices soaring to 400,000 tons this year, upstream companies are making profits, but downstream new energy manufacturers are suffering.Since the beginning of this year, we have noticed that major new energy vehicle companies have begun to raise prices frequently, and even some electric vehicles have joined the price hike.So this time to suppress the price of lithium resources is also a good thing to prevent speculation.Of course, we also noticed that although the downstream car companies, but does not affect the delivery situation of new energy car companies, according to xiao peng, wei, ideal for march delivery data, are basically doubled year-on-year growth, this growth, new energy car is undoubtedly a larger positive this year, so if the upstream cost control, new energy vehicles profits will be released again.Now the new energy vehicle plate as a whole is weak, and there is no great performance, such as these data began to cash, Lao Hu believes that there will be funds to pick up.Fifth, A shares contraction shock again 3300 point pressure level, next week where to go?A-share market this week three index rebound out of the drop-off situation again, it is worth mentioning that last week we accurate predictions gap covering, quickly covering gap on Monday, after stock index upward again, but we also noticed that although index, but there is not A positive response to the market, the subject this week in addition to real estate and banking sector,Other tracks don’t have much to offer.In particular, the real estate sector rose, causing the market siphon effect, which also accelerates the peak of the real estate sector, Hu believes that the real estate sector will be differentiated next week, of course, the differentiation of the real estate sector is also good for the market.Besides, north to capital this week the total net more than $200, said before khufu foreign inflection point in the week has come, the next will continue to trend of net inflows, especially for foreign hit plate of some high quality companies, before the next big probability will regain it, in addition, I notice the photovoltaic, wind power, liquor, battery, such as plate, foreign investment has recently started out again,I suggest you pay close attention.Finally, Mr. Hu would like to say that a quarterly quotation has begun, for a quarterly performance, whether institutions or hot money, are good at locking in advance so I said before the chip semiconductor and liquor plate, these and a quarterly report related to the larger industry plate, to pay attention to their performance.