The shenzhen agricultural products market is well supplied, and the supply of meat products has reached the pre-Spring Festival level

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Nandu news reporter Zhang Yanli agricultural products are necessities of life.‍‍ How to ensure the supply of agricultural products in Shenzhen at present, what are the specific measures?At a press conference held in Shenzhen on February 27, Mo Xiling, deputy director of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, said that Shenzhen has continued to increase the guarantee of important daily necessities such as rice, flour, oil, meat, poultry and eggs. At present, the market supply of major agricultural products is sufficient and the price is stable.”The supply of daily necessities in Shenzhen is abundant and the reserve is sufficient. There is no shortage of supply and price increase.”In terms of meat, the daily slaughter volume of live pigs, the trading volume of ‍‍ livestock and poultry production, and the supply of aquatic products are basically the same as the same period in 2021, reaching the supply level before the Spring Festival in 2022, Said Mo xiling.‍‍ The daily supply of vegetables increased by 6.26 percent from last week.‍‍ Among them, on February 24th, the supply of Haijixing market hit a record high, reaching more than 6000 tons. ‍‍ had sufficient supply and the price gradually recovered to be stable.‍‍ the city’s supermarket, meat, eggs, vegetables and other necessities of life supply is sufficient, ‍‍ categories complete, the price is stable.The city’s major agricultural markets, ten major supermarket stores ‍‍ continue normal operation, to ensure that agricultural products are not out of stock, continuous stock.Mo Xiling introduced, Shenzhen launched a number of measures to ensure the stable price of agricultural products for Shenzhen.‍‍ The first is to set up specialized work classes and formulate work plans.‍‍ In order to prevent and control the epidemic and ensure stable supply and price of vegetable basket during the Spring Festival, ‍‍ led the establishment of special teams for ensuring supply and price of rice bag, vegetable basket and vegetable basket at the beginning of this year, and formulated and introduced an early warning mechanism for ensuring supply and price of vegetable basket and supporting subsidy policies.In view of the possible supply guarantee problems in the supply link of agricultural products, ‍‍ predicts and issues emergency work plans in advance.First, when there are difficulties in the transport of agricultural products from other places due to the epidemic at ‍‍, suitable sites will be selected from the surrounding highway ‍‍ route to set up non-contact emergency connection points for vegetables from other places, and emergency Port open a green channel for vegetables from other places.Second, when the wholesale market is closed, the international convention and Exhibition Center ‍‍ in Shenzhen will be temporarily used as the standby site for the temporary distribution of agricultural products and the standby site for the temporary distribution of regional agricultural products in each district;‍‍ 3. In case of the last kilometer distribution guarantee problem, the relevant district material support group shall be responsible for unblocking the transportation channel, ‍‍ shall adopt reasonable transportation mode to ensure the transportation is in place.