Rail transit Line 3 tongmuling station to Taiciqiao station smoothly through

2022-06-15 0 By

Recently, with the “Qianjin no. 4” shield machine breaking out of the wall, the rail transit Line 3 tongmuling station to Taiciqiao station nearly 20 kilometers of line through.The phase I project of Guiyang rail transit Line 3 is about 43 kilometers in length, with 29 stations, 30 sections, 1 depot and 1 parking lot, including 20 shield sections, and the surrounding environment and geological conditions are complicated.Of paulownia ridge station to too CiQiao station line involving 14 station, 20 km, 14 interval, about 50% of all engineering, under wear during five drop-down trough, three road bridge, two railway bridge, two rivers, article 1 oil pipeline, a residential area, geological weathering of dolomite, local soft the hard strata, complex underground pipeline.Faces many security risk source, construction difficulty, such as the tight difficult problems, the construction unit has various projects department forged ahead, continue to strengthen technical guarantee and control measures, the dynamic adjusting process parameters, strict on the segment assembling, synchronous grouting and secondary grouting, surface grouting reinforcement and karst cave, working procedure, to ensure that the shield tunneling through smoothly.Our correspondent: Yang Longman correspondent: Yuan Guangfei