Happy life in the Olympic Village: shopping, hairdressing and Kung fu

2022-06-15 0 By

U.S. athlete Becca Hamilton picks souvenirs for The Beijing Winter Olympics, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) — As the events of the Beijing Winter Olympics are in full swing, the world is always curious about the athletes’ lives outside competition.Us media published articles on November 11, introducing the colorful life of athletes from all over the world in the Winter Olympic village.”One of the most iconic parts of participating in the Winter Olympics is interacting with other successful athletes from around the globe and immersing yourself in a different culture.Whether athletes want to relax or try some other sport, the Village gives them a choice, “NBC Sports said on Tuesday.” When athletes are not competing, they have different options in the Village.”American athlete Becca Hamilton posted a video on social media showing herself holding a shopping bag and wandering around an indoor shopping mall, picking up some distinctive Beijing souvenirs.American luger Summer Britcher shared how he and his teammates learned Chinese kung fu such as Tai Chi.Leon Walkensburg, an athlete from Germany, likes VR games in the Olympic Village.Evan McKachlan of team Canada said his favorite part was the pin exchange in the Olympic Village and he was happy to collect souvenirs from other athletes and staff.Swedish freestyle skier Valter Valberg enjoys a hairdressing service at the beauty salon in the Olympic Village.In addition, he also “crossed industries” to experience a table tennis.Kelly Sildaru from Estonia shared her good experience of dining at the Olympic Village restaurant, saying she not only liked that it was open 24/7, but also that there was a lot of food to choose from.German athlete Michel Urich also said he loves the variety of food available in the Village restaurant, not to mention the many desserts to choose from.(Zhang Ni, Overseas Network)