February 8-14 Xbox Gold + Ubisoft Game-themed promotions including Far Cry 6 Gold, Ferris: Rise of Finnith, Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy

2022-06-15 0 By

This week (February 8-14), the Xbox Gold Membership + Ubisoft Game Themed promotion launches, including: Alien: Fire Squad Deluxe (60% off), Assassin’s Creed Mythology 3 (30% off), Assassin’s Creed Chronicles (30% off), Assassin’s Creed:Valerian Gold Edition (50% off), Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Gold Edition (30% off), Assassin’s Creed: Origins Gold Edition (25% off), Assassin’s Creed iv: Black Flag (40% off), Assassin’s Creed: Revolution Reprint (33% off), Assassin’s Creed: Revolution:Thunder thunder (30% off), Desperate North (50% off), BioShock Collection (20% off), Borderlands 3 (25% off), Cthulhu’s Call (25% off), Call of Duty:Vanguard Cross Time Edition (30% off), Candle Man (60% off), Code For Blood (20% off), Crystal Legend (50% off), CyberShadow (30% off), Dead Rising 4 (15% off), Fall King (60% off), Dragon Ball Warrior Z Ultimate Edition (15% off), Dragon Ball Z:The full series includes Far Cry 6 Gold Edition (60% off), Far Cry 5 (25% off), Far Cry: New Dawn (30% off), Far Cry:Primal Slaughter (33 percent off), FIFA 22 Ultimate edition (50 percent off), Souls of Glory Complete Edition (25 percent off), Full Metal Rage (25 percent off), Transgod:Rise of the Finnies (25% off), All You Can Do 2022 (60% off), All You Can Do 2021 (60% off), Mafia Ultimate edition (50% off), 3 Mafia Movies (50% off), Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy (65% off), Mega Man, My Friend Pedro (40% off), NBA 2KPlayground 2 (25 percent off), NBA 2K22 (40 percent off), NBA 2K22 75th Anniversary Edition (50 percent off), Lucky: Ancient Legends (50 percent off), Extreme Nation (50 percent off), Mouldable (25 percent off), Civilization 6 (30 percent off), Extreme Peak (40 percent off), Sword Realm:The Full Version (20% off), Tennis World Tour 2 (25% off), Car Crash 2 (20% off), The Division 2:New York Warlord (30% off), Forgotten City (75% off), Extraterrestrial Complete edition (45% off), Spurts 2 Premium Edition (30% off), Ghost Recon Break (30% off), Ghost Recon Wild (30% off), Rainbow Six Siege Ultimate Edition (50% off), Stunt Bike:Rise (5 fold), 12 minutes (7 fold), the UFC 4 (2), the ultimate edition UNO (4), “the watchdog full version” (4), “guard dog 2” (2), the watchdog: legion (3), the WWE 2 k arena (4), “the UFO 2 edition” fold (15), etc.This week we at Gaming Knew www.yxzzd.com feature Far Cry 6 Golden edition, Fervor: The Rise of Finnis, and Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy.Far Cry 6 Gold Edition is on sale for 60% off this week, and the gold Edition includes the game itself and season tickets.Passage: The Rise of Finnis is 25 percent off this week.Far Cry 6 is recommended for those who love the open world of first-person action FPS, while Fugoki is recommended for those who love the open world of action puzzle solving of Breath of the Wild.Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy is on sale for this week’s Golden Membership at 65 percent off. This title is recommended for Marvel fans who love Guardians of the Galaxy and action-driven games.The above 3 prices are recent lows.