China’s ambassador to the United Nations has called for more humanitarian and economic assistance to Afghanistan

2022-06-15 0 By

Xinhua News Agency, United Nations, January 26 (Reporter Wang Jiangang)China calls on the international community to strengthen its sense of urgency, step up humanitarian and economic assistance to Afghanistan and send warmth and hope to the Afghan people, Zhang Jun, China’s Permanent representative to the United Nations, said Thursday.The Afghan people are experiencing the most serious humanitarian crisis, Zhang said at a UN Security Council meeting on Afghanistan on the same day.Ninety-five percent of families are undernourished, more than one million children are malnourished, and 23 million people suffer from severe hunger.On this trend, 97 percent of Afghans will be poor by the middle of this year.He said that the key issue for the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is political rather than legal obstacles, which is the politicization of humanitarian issues.Humanitarian aid is used as a bargaining chip, a political tool and a bargaining condition.Under the current circumstances, unilateral sanctions against Afghanistan not only freeze Afghanistan’s financial assets, but also freeze the Afghan people’s hope for survival.China once again urges the immediate lifting of the asset freeze and unilateral sanctions against Afghanistan.Zhang said that at present, the international community should take helping Afghanistan ease the humanitarian crisis and stabilize its economy as the most important and urgent priority.Adherence to the principle of “Afghan-led and Afghan-owned” means, of course, respecting Afghanistan’s ownership and dominance of economic resources.Ensuring the rights of Afghan women and girls also means providing much-needed humanitarian help.He said that At present, China is stepping up efforts to provide humanitarian aid worth 200 million yuan to Afghanistan, and various supplies have arrived in various Afghan provinces.At the same time, China has opened the “air corridor for pine nuts” to resume the export of Afghan pine nuts to China and alleviate the livelihood difficulties of the Afghan people.China supports the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan in its efforts to encourage the international community to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and help the Afghan people tide over difficulties.(after)