Blue Elephant Zhilian announced the completion of nearly 200 million yuan A round of financing

2022-06-15 0 By

Recently, Lanxiang Zhilian (Hangzhou) Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Lanxiang Zhilian”) announced the completion of nearly 200 million YUAN of A round of financing, led by Xicheng Jinrui investment, Yuan Hezhong Yuan Capital, the old shareholder Lenovo Star and other institutions with investment, Mountain View Capital as A financial adviser.Public information shows that Lanxiang Zhilian is positioned as a financial level privacy computing service.According to the introduction, after this round of financing, the company will strengthen the underlying technology research and development, data operation and customer service, enhance the landing ability of Blue Image Zhaopin products in financial scenes, and further strengthen the talent layout.It is understood that Lanxiang Zhilian was founded at the end of 2019 and registered in March 2020 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The legal representative is Tong Ling.Before this, Blue Elephant Zhilian also received investment including GSW Venture Capital and Wanxiang blockchain, among which Lenovo Star has been involved in two consecutive rounds of investment.According to the introduction, Tong Ling, founder and chairman of Lanxiang Zhilian, joined Ant Financial as chief architect after serving ICBC for more than 10 years, and successively served as chief Architect of Ant Financial, CTO of Sesame Credit, blockchain and privacy computing platform founder of Min, the other founder and CEO of Alibaba, served as vice president of Alibaba Cloud and general manager of Alibaba Financial Cloud Business Division.At present, the blue elephant at with industrial and commercial bank, China telecom, China mobile, China unicom, bank of Shanghai, hangzhou, nanjing bank, guotai junan, new Banks dozens of financial institutions, such as operators, Internet companies head reached a cooperation, and become the People’s Bank of China and ministry of multiparty secure computing and federal study related standards drafting unit.It is worth mentioning that the achievement of “Privacy-based Inclusive Financial Services for Small and Micro Businesses” jointly declared by INDUSTRIAL and Commercial Bank of China, China UnionPay and Lanxiang Zhilian stood out from hundreds of applications and was selected as the benchmark case of 2021 Big data “Xinghe” in December 2021.Among them, Lanxiang Zhilian provides privacy computing technology support to promote the circulation and utilization of icbc and UnionPay data values under the conditions of keeping data in the domain and ensuring information security. Combining lanxiang Zhilian’s profound accumulation in the field of data modeling, it enrichis the portraits of small and micro enterprises and assists ICBC to extend small and micro financial services to thousands of households.According to Zhichao data, Bluangxiang zhilian has 4 published patent applications in 126 countries/regions, all of which were filed in 2021 and one of which has been granted.Further analysis shows that the patent layout of Lanxiang Zhilian mainly focuses on the technical fields related to decentralization and encrypted data.Blue elephant at said, the company since the research core GAIA product series, can provide financial, operators, government, independent research and development of the Internet platform and other industries to provide privacy computing products and solutions, the realization of data modeling (across) industry and credible data assets exchange and distributed intelligence application requirements, meet the industry marketing, risk control, data exchange, and other areas of the business needs.