Why say, xiaokang and pole Fox are just a temporary solution for Huawei to build cars?

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Huawei has repeatedly reiterated that it will not build cars. Indeed, according to huawei’s logic, huawei has not made more moves in basic manufacturing industry so far, and huawei does not want to carry out the traditional car manufacturing idea.Making cars and entering the car industry are two different things.The traditional car manufacturing industry has several obvious characteristics: capital intensive, talent intensive and labor intensive, which is an industry that needs to solve basic employment, high-end RESEARCH and development, and overall capital.China’s manufacturing industry, no longer need additional vehicle manufacturers, the reason is that our entry industrial structure has enough, this kind of work does not really need too many enterprises to enter.Low-end manufacturing to high-end manufacturing is the trend of the future, so that the gap between Chinese industry and Europe and the United States can be truly narrowed.Huawei has always been one of the core enterprises in high-end manufacturing. From chip design to manufacturing, r&d, design and debugging of product system ecology is really an industry that we have never been involved in before.In recent years, Huawei needs industry expertise for some reasons, and new energy vehicles are a good sector.The new four modernizations of automobile is a topic we have been talking about for a long time. One of its core directions is “intelligence”. Huawei cannot produce cars because it is not willing to put more energy into the trivial and basic manufacturing that anyone can do.Smart how to play, But Huawei is very technical and experience.At present, the intelligent cockpit consists of LCD instrument panel, central control large screen, intelligent voice system underlying architecture, camera and radar. Indeed, more than 100,000 Domestic cars have done a good job of intelligence.But Huawei thinks it can do better.All intelligent nature is brought by the underlying operating system smooth, matching and interconnected, it did after HongMeng system on PC, the mobile end mutual good bonding, if put the system in the machine system, and targeted on the radar, cameras, and the electric drive smart cars need to integrate,Is bound to become a very competitive supplier.So now we ask the M5, we see the real sense of huawei intelligent operating system, electric drive products, to experience the M5, just from the sense of intelligence, than many models currently on sale are better.What is the bound M5?Strictly speaking, it is not a product produced by Huawei, but an electric vehicle produced by Xiaokang with Huawei’s technology participation. In essence, xiaokang, rather than Huawei, is the enterprise that bears the production and profits, and Huawei is only a strategic cooperation supplier.Yu chengdong once said that he would sell “Huawei Cars” to 300,000 units.There is misunderstanding in the market, in fact, it is not Huawei cars in essence, but huawei intelligent systems. The total number of cars with Huawei’s participation has reached 300,000. At present, GAC, Changan, BAIC and Xiaokang are all vehicles under Huawei’s strategic agreement.It can be seen that Huawei does not want to be a manufacturer. It wants to be a supplier and an enterprise that provides supporting solutions for enterprises.Last year, the public opinion about Huawei’s car manufacturing was very big. Some people believed that Huawei started to make cars when the M5 was unveiled at huawei’s press conference. In fact, this is not the case, because THE M5 has hongmeng system which Huawei has made every effort to build.And the main body is still well-off, in addition, huawei also participated in the Extreme Fox stage, also huawei’s painstaking effort into.Huawei has a large territory, so it must be an integrated technology supplier facing the whole industry, providing a drive system with higher integration, stronger driving ability and better performance, and a Hongmeng system with a better sense of science and technology and clearer underlying logic of the Internet of everything.So, in the future, you will see more enterprises equipped with Huawei Hongmeng system, far more than the enterprises I mentioned above, it is possible that Great Wall, Geely, BYD, even Mercedes-benz, GM will use it.Xiaokang, Jihu and other enterprises and brands are more like enterprises that have in-depth cooperation with Huawei in the early stage. On the one hand, these enterprises are seeking endorsement and want to find new ways to enhance their sense of science and technology. Huawei needs to implement technologies and make them in one shot.In my opinion, these are the early needs of the enterprise, strategic cooperation and expediency. As for Huawei, it still sticks to the direction of not making cars. In this trend of making cars gradually moving towards low-end manufacturing, Huawei starts to develop and design systems, chips and core technologies, which is extremely bright.