The network has no memory?Wu zongxian said publicly again: Luo Zhixiang is not wrong, but physical strength is good

2022-06-14 0 By

Wu Shan-ru, the eldest daughter of Wu Chung-hsien, one of Taiwan’s biggest entertainers, held a wedding party recently, which shocked almost the entire entertainment media in Taiwan.Many artists came to congratulate, the scene is also a star-studded, Yanarun, ghost ghost and other all present, see wu Zongxian’s influence in the entertainment circle.Surprisingly, the scene also saw Luo Zhixiang’s figure, and happy with the “idol godfather” said sun Derong group photo.More highlights are behind Luo Zhixiang was also invited to the stage for the new speech, Wu Zongxian also actively interact with him, on the stage Wu Zongxian also happy said: the pig did not make a mistake, but good physical strength……As early as in May 2020, Wu Zongxian published his opinion on luo Zhixiang’s cheating incident in front of many media: “I think the work is more important than the character, the audience will not remember so long, rearrange and start again.Is the network really no memory?Some time ago, wu zongxian talked about wang Lee-hom’s marriage change in a live broadcast. He said, “Who doesn’t want to get divorced after getting married?”Everybody net friends, think wu Zongxian’s argument is reasonable?