Protect peace road Luoping traffic police to do a good job in the late Spring Festival transport traffic management work

2022-06-14 0 By

At present, the Spring Festival travel rush has entered the later stage, and the peak of migrant workers is coming.Luoping County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade based on the actual situation, strengthen analysis and judgment, scientific service deployment, to protect the safety of the road, to ensure the safety of the masses.After the Spring Festival, the traffic police brigade organized a special meeting, a comprehensive summary of the early Spring Festival transport work, identify shortcomings and deficiencies, requiring all the police, auxiliary police to further improve the ideological understanding, always tense standard duty enforcement, civilized language strings, to prevent the occurrence of rough law enforcement caused by careless, indifferent duty.For guangxi baise emergency outbreak, brigade from ROM out of the province during the Spring Festival is the diagnostic screening, ensure the timely and find hidden trouble, take timely prevention and control measures to fight the outbreak input, issued a batch of masks, gloves, epidemic prevention, such as materials, departments and code window, measuring temperature, travel, road on duty police strictly good wearing masks, fight appear on p.In view of the characteristics of traffic flow in key areas such as national and provincial roads after the festival, closely around the “accident prevention, safety, smooth” focus of work, adhere to the police force to follow the principle of police situation, scientific arrangement and deployment, the police force into the road to the maximum extent, improve the road to see the police rate and the stewards rate, guard strictly, force pressure road traffic accidents.Organize the police to carry out special rectification actions for traffic violations of key vehicles such as dangerous chemical transport vehicles and trucks, and all road duty points shall take into account the service mode of routine inspection on the “point”, flow inspection on the “line” and overall consideration on the “surface”, and check key vehicles such as minivans, dangerous chemical transport vehicles and tractors whenever suspected.Eliminate traffic safety hazards such as overloading passengers, fatigue driving, improper driving type and illegal operation in a timely manner, plug up management loopholes, and strictly prevent the occurrence of serious traffic accidents.At the same time, extensive publicity, the traffic safety publicity and education activities into the daily duty law enforcement, according to the specific illegal behavior, to the legal person, the occupant of the dangers of clear illegal behavior, effectively improve the majority of drivers’ awareness of traffic safety and law-abiding awareness, for the post-Spring Festival traffic safety to create a good atmosphere.