Lakers!Lebron James 30+7+7, after the game Anthony to the opposing bench, who pay attention to Lebron James

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The Trail Blazers trailed the Lakers by seven points at halftime, 47-54. Let’s take a look at the two players’ halftime statistics. Ellerby scored 6 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, Winslow scored 6 points, 6 rebounds and 2 steals, Nurkic scored 15 points and 6 rebounds, McLemore scored 5 points and 3 steals, simmons scored 4 points and 4 assists.Trevor ariza had six points and three rebounds, James had 14 points, five rebounds and four assists, Davis had five points and two assists, Tucker had 11 points and two assists, S. Johnson had four points and three assists, Ellington had six points and Reeves had five points.With the strength of the two teams, there is no doubt that the Lakers are stronger, the two teams played a game yesterday, today is the second game of a back-to-back, the Portland trail Blazers recently traded constantly, McCollum and Powell have been sent away, coupled with Lillard is still injured, the Portland trail Blazers strength further decline, it is difficult to form a threat to the Lakers.The lakers were on fire from 3-point range today, making 11 of 20 3-point shots in the first half, making over 50 percent. Amazing!This is the Blazers defense is too stretched, do not defend the perimeter, even let you shoot, the Lakers also today, a look at the opponent is so lax outside, seize the opportunity to rain three points, although the first quarter and the opponent tied, but the second quarter the Lakers quickly took the lead.Edit SouTu just poor points have not been able to completely open, the blazers three points, only 1 of 13 shots in the first half, but attack the basket striking, nur base has played, in the face of heavy eyebrows heavy eyebrows or not suitable for playing 5 a, meet nur way, the traditional center, heavy eyebrows a little shame, but vogel Howard is not,Allowing Jusuf Nurkic to score 15 points in the first half, the lakers completely blew up the paint.The Blazers couldn’t shoot from the outside, otherwise the score would still be tied. Against the Blazers, the Lakers should have won quickly, not to the end, otherwise the Blazers would have found a three-way break, and the game would have been impossible to say.76-78, the trail Blazers temporarily trailed the Lakers by two points after three quarters, this section of the Trail Blazers three sense of warming up, the first force, once over the score.But the lakers responded in time, with Monk scoring seven straight points to help the lakers stay in the game, but the Blazers stayed close and didn’t allow the lakers to extend their lead.It can also be seen that although the Lakers have the advantage, but the defensive end is really too pull hips, can not prevent opponents, no matter how good the offense, without defense, is also difficult to win, that is, the Blazers strength is too weak, or would have been back to the score.The Blazers opened the fourth quarter with an 11-3 run to not only take the lead, but also take a lead, with Lebron James and Derek Eyebrows leading the team as the Lakers fought back and erased the deficit.In the stalemate phase, Simmons chased down a 3-pointer, the Blazers temporarily took a 4-point lead, Vogel called a timeout, with more than two minutes left, lebron scored two points, Simmons three-pointer again, the Lakers made too many mistakes, Tucker offensive foul, consecutive steals, more and more angry ah!At the last moment, the Lakers temporarily down by three points, the Blazers hit the iron, but the rebound was stolen by Nurkic, there is no way, the Lakers can only use foul tactics, Simmons two critical moments of two free throws, leaving the Lakers in the last three seconds of time, five points, can say the overall situation has been decided.Lebron catch three points, the buzzer, the lakers’ 105-107 accident loss, the whole game, the lakers side 6 points, 5 rebounds, trevor ariza James 3 off 30 points and seven rebounds and seven assists, heavy eyebrows 17 points and seven rebounds and six assists, five caps, monk, Bradley 6 points, 4 rebounds, seven points and four rebounds, S – Johnson 11 points and six rebounds, tucker 14 points and 3 rebounds and seven assists ellington nine points;For the Blazers, Ellerbe had eight points, eight rebounds and four assists, Winslow had 11 points, eight rebounds and three assists, Nurkic had 19 points, 12 rebounds and four assists, McLemore had eight points and three assists, Simmons had 29 points and five assists, Smith had seven points and 11 assists and six assists, Brown had 11 points, Watford had six points and four assists, and Blevins had eight and three assists.After the game ended, lebron James walked off the court, visibly upset. Carmelo rose from the bench and walked to the Blazers’ bench. Guago, who is very close to his former teammates, greeted the Blazers one by one with hugs.