Cloud procurement, selection preferential, mobile cloud 50% discount one-stop to meet the cloud needs in multiple scenarios

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When you think of “the cloud,” what scenarios come to mind?Easy and fast “cloud” management?Secure and stable computing resources?Solid and reliable cloud security?Cloud office?Cloud restaurant?Cloud watch shop?…Nowadays, more and more industries and enterprises gradually put “cloud” on the agenda.Where there is a demand, there is a market. At the same time, more and more cloud service providers are springing up.There are more and more cloud service providers.At the same time, with the gradual deepening and maturity of the cloud market, the market and industry are in urgent need of breaking the “cloud” problem of the scene is also more and more.How to find a safe, reliable, stable and in-depth market and perfect fit for the enterprise case on the “cloud” needs of the cloud service provider has become a hot gap in the market.In this context, mobile cloud, with its profound technical advantages and keen market insight, has become the current leading cloud service provider after years of taking root in technology, basing on the industry and breaking individual cases, and has delivered a satisfactory answer to the market and customers.01, covering the whole industry, multiple scenes to help enterprises on the “cloud” different industries, different enterprises, different scenarios, the industry on the “cloud” demand gap is huge.At the same time, for cloud service providers, the “cloud” is also a very investigation of the ability to customize the cause.As a leading cloud service provider in the industry, mobile cloud has created cloud services in multiple scenarios after numerous technical upgrades and updates on the premise of deeply meeting market demand.Compared with other cloud service providers, mobile cloud relies on China Mobile’s massive customer base and has unique business characteristics and flexibility in terms of self-growth gene. Moreover, by virtue of the inherent advantages of cloud network integration, it can realize the rapid subsidence and nearby deployment of cloud resources.Over the years, mobile cloud has devoted itself to forging core capabilities, polishing full-stack products covering cloud, big data, artificial intelligence and other complete sectors, and providing end-to-end ubiquitous intelligent cloud services and business coverage.At present, mobile cloud has provided services for 20 provincial governments to build digital base, cloud solutions for tens of thousands of different enterprises in different industries, and firm support for nine vertical industries, such as government affairs, medical care, industry, education and more than 150 application scenarios of digital cloud, cloud services for more than one million customers.At the same time, it has opened up “cloud” schemes in catering, hotels, real estate agencies, store management and other scenes, almost covering the whole industry.02, based on the market, product-oriented, to meet different “cloud” needs on the “cloud” needs of enterprises, fully customized “cloud” tools need longer preparation time, higher costs.Big companies can handle it, but for many small and medium-sized businesses, the cost of customizing cloud solutions is largely out of reach.Therefore, in the long run, the more the cloud tools of cloud service providers sink, the more extensive the cloud coverage of the industry, the more conducive to cloud service providers to occupy the market.At present, through independent research and development of big cloud base, mobile cloud has developed more than 230 full-stack products of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS products covering cloud, big data, artificial intelligence and other complete sectors, covering cities, parks, e-commerce, education, finance, Internet, medical care, manufacturing, transportation logistics and other fields.At present, mobile cloud has applied for more than 1,000 patents in total, led or participated in the formulation of nearly 20 national and industry standards, and gathered more than 100 partners in supporting services.It not only ensures strong customization ability, but also goes deep into the sinking market of the industry. Based on the specific needs of the market and enterprises, it creates a powerful and mature cloud tool.The powerful, high quality, safe and convenient “cloud” service does not mean that it is expensive.In order to facilitate the implementation of the “cloud” in the whole industry, promote the steady development of digital economy, but also in order to give back to new and old customers, mobile cloud for the majority of users to launch a special “cloud procurement, selection” activity.Shangyun procurement, entertainment scenes enjoy 50% discount!Also launched a number of free trial products, popular products including universal cloud host, Web full stack protection, cloud mobile phone, cloud desktop, etc., open limited free coupon.The “0 Yuan On Cloud” product covers 17 products in 8 categories, including elastic computing, cloud storage, cloud network, database, security, management and monitoring, cloud migration and video services, and provides a long-term free trial.Covering natural language processing, picture and text recognition, image recognition, face recognition and human recognition, artificial intelligence platform, 23 nine-day artificial intelligence trial products in 5 categories, to maximize customer requirements for different application scenarios.One-stop to meet the cloud needs on multiple scenes, cloud and value discount can meet or not, immediately understand, we meet together “cloud” end!