CBA third stage pattern: Guangdong strong return, guangxilai menacement, Liaoning or sign the third foreign aid

2022-06-14 0 By

Beijing time on February 6, although said that open in the third phase is more than 2 weeks time, but the situation in the new season, from the current from the free market rumors, involving foreign aid’s action is very much, like early officer xuan Beijing four foreign aid, guangdong operation ma shang regression, construction of three foreign aid, liaoning is it necessary to double insurance, look for the third foreign aid in the third stage,Attract the attention of many media and fans.Defending champion Guangdong Hongyuan’s performance in the second stage, head coach Du Feng to captain Zhou Peng, respectively through the interview said:Is not happy with the team’s recent situation, after the injury to, a lot of young players to adjust ability compared with expectations, the gap between the obvious and refer to this one of the guangdong tigers, the third stage of Zhao Rui regression, Jeff, Hu Mingxuan, Vince, Ren Junfei, yi jianlian to get sufficient rest, as long as it is no major personnel level change, is still a championship contender,In particular, the return of Marshang, time is getting closer and closer to the situation, if you can recover to the level of more than 80%, this three foreign aid team, error tolerance rate is very high.Guangzhou men’s basketball team is also not to be overlooked, from the standings pattern, currently ranked in the top four echelon, this set of lineup only one Jones, that is to say, Hu Jinqiu, Zhao Yanhao, Sun Minghui play a very important role, can double kill Guangdong, to some extent is very representative.Today, in addition to emeka okafor is rehabilitation programme, the little foreign aid is isolation and gossip, if the third stage can achieve the desired effect, so that a metal target is very clear, that is the impact of the new season CBA championship, otherwise there is no need to spend heavily to find three foreign aid the end of the regular season, the reserve.The liaoning men’s basketball team is interested in looking for the third foreign aid, in fact, in the league isn’t an open secret, especially in guangdong and liaoning play series, from Guo Shiqiang to de-gui zhang and others, double pg effect is remarkable, and unstable state, grid, once the uncertainty in the playoffs, involves the whole team liaoning men’s basketball team ball player,In this regard, whether Li Hongqing and Yang Ming can find a small foreign aid with stable projection ability through the way of operation will be an important guarantee for the new season to impact the championship.