There are so many big men in the NBA, but Pekovic didn’t dare to mess with anyone, the background is too powerful

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In the NBA players, have a black background can be said to have a large number of people in.Anthony was one of them. He led thousands of young men into the streets to protest, and Anthony became famous for this.After that, it became clear that Anthony had a somewhat intimidating underworld background.Although Anthony in the NBA’s popularity is relatively large, but in fact, his status in the underworld is not particularly high.There is such a player in the NBA, his underworld background than Anthony is more severe, the status of the river’s lake is also very high, and this person is Nikola Peckovic.Here, let’s get to know the NBA’s nikola Rapeckovic, nicknamed “Black Mountain Bear.”Born in Montenegro in 1986, Pekovic was drafted 31st overall in the 2008 NBA draft by the Timberwolves and signed a contract in 2010.After his rookie season, Pekovic quickly developed into a key lineman for the Timberwolves, averaging 14 and 7 games in consecutive seasons and being named player of the Week once in 2013.Pekovic suffered a serious injury to his ankle around 2015, and it took more than two years for his ankle to recover.His NBA career ended in 2017 when he was cut by the Timberwolves.In his six-year NBA career, Pekovic played in 271 games, averaging 12.6 points and 6.7 rebounds per game, and was named player of the Week.Judging from his achievements, Pekovic is an average player in the NBA.Looking at the history of NBA, his achievements are also absolutely belong to a handful of existence, not top interior, and even did not get a good honor.So why exactly does Pekovic strike fear into the hearts of so many NBA players, lavine included?Pekovic is a player you can’t mess with in the NBA. It’s not because of his basketball skills, but because of his strong family background.Mr Pekovic’s family is one of the biggest gangs in Serbia and Montenegro, and has been running them for three generations.If pekovic wasn’t physically strong enough to want to play, there’s a good chance he would have gone into the family business after college.For Pekovic, playing basketball or even joining the NBA may be just a hobby, but returning to the family as the boss is his real job.You might think that Serbia and Montenegro are not very big countries, and the gangs there are not very strong!In fact, in some parts of the West, as the extent of the rampant gangsters is not what we can imagine, their illegal activities are really numerous.Even to say that the Pekovic family gang was able to sustain itself for three generations without some means in this regard is obviously impossible to convince.After retiring in the NBA, Pekovich also returned to the family, took over the family business, and really became the boss of the gang.It was reported that he was being investigated on suspicion of illegal trade.In fact, Peckovich is not only in the underworld can achieve the wind and rain, he is also quite numerous contacts in the white road.After retiring, Pekovic did not really leave basketball. He was also the general manager of Serbia national Basketball Team and the general manager and head coach of Montenegro National Basketball Team.It is a measure of his strength that Mr Pekovic can play well between Serbia and Montenegro, which are now separated.