The love story of Fat man and Food and more

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There’s a lot of logic behind fat people.In the old days, when times were hard, it was a compliment, an honor, a happiness to be called fat.At that time, being fat was a symbol of status, meaning being rich and at least eating well.You know, it wasn’t easy enough to eat enough to survive when starvation was everywhere.If a nation is called the nation of fat people, that is also a cause for celebration.Because fat people mean the country is stable, the society is prosperous, people live and work in peace and contentment.On the contrary, it is thin everywhere, the face of the majority of dishes.Time has changed, and the era has entered its heyday.Everywhere you look, there are fat people.Men are getting fatter and women are getting older;There are a lot of big fat people, that is, adult fat people, but there are also a lot of small fat people.I’ve seen one at the age of five or six small fat, it’s a little fat man standard, a gourmet, all round doodle, drooping meat puffy face, eyes are packed with only a little meat, stout arms like a lotus lotus root, above the meat joint arm into several sections, to start to shake sway, nothing to eat don’t listen to, the problem is the adults around no matter,It’s very generous to let it go and buy whatever you want.Fat people are now so numerous that they are no longer a status symbol because prosperity, political stability and well-being are a common reality.Fat people are everywhere, from south to north, from Han to ethnic minorities, from cities to rural areas.Living conditions are good, it is the premise of fat area nurturance.The direct cause is eating more and moving less.It is natural for people to eat more and more when they have more food to eat.Now people, pocket is not poor money, but also know how to care for themselves, so for their appetite, but also try to meet, so the stomach test ingredients will be more and more rich;This is a reason for obesity.There are lazy people, in every society.And have a characteristic, it is to meet lazy must be greedy, so lazy people love to enjoy and do not love to move, natural consumption is little, then this for fat army increase member contributed a strength.The second.This era is a fast-paced era, men and women are out to work, busy for a day, to work out also tired, so not willing to do not have much time to exercise and fitness, so the body of the meat is growing is very normal;Another point is that the work now, especially some office work, intelligent is particularly strong, the consumption of physical strength is not too much, so the amount of energy consumed is not too much, so the fat on the body see less see more is very normal.Alas, people try to lose weight.Look at the number of people and industries that fat people have created.There are also fat people in beauty parlors;There are also many enterprises selling diet drugs, and so on;This is how fat people contribute to social economic prosperity and employment.Alas, people try to lose weight, but the results often work, so many rewards are on the table, but in the end, not many people have the last laugh.He Zai?Perseverance.Too much food, temptation is too big, a lot of people can not withstand, give up a lot of.This, like very beautiful woman.Beautiful body horizontal Chen, how many men do not move?Rationality wants to be quiet, but the turmoil of hormones does not allow, the two sides of the war, the last is often hormonal victory over rationality, physiological victory over psychology, perseverance in the face of temptation, lost a collapse.So, the increasing incidence of a lot of bad things has to do with the power of hormones.The smell of good food is hormones.When the gleam is not hungry, the gleam is on the inside of the Legendary Wall’s wall.Ordinary food is good food, good food in nature became a delicious meal, not a pinch of how to live up to their stomach, how to live up to nature, so, the tongue played a roll, so his hands rushed to food.So the fat stayed the same.Of course, there are other reasons for being fat, which are not always related to human weakness. For example, when women are pregnant and give birth to children, they tend to gain weight more and more easily. This is for the sake of the next generation, which needs praise.There are people, especially women, when they are in a bad mood or hurt, they eat a lot to heal their wounds, so they inadvertently gain weight, which is understandable.All in all, the relationship between fat man and food is full of emotions and stories, which are worth studying.