Fifth personality: Who is the most popular player?Did any of these characters hit you?

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Character design in The Fifth Personality is typical, especially in the area of character drawing and modeling, where the unique style of drawing and contrasting personalities often make the player feel impressed.Which begs the question: what is a character with a high level of appearance that you can instantly identify with in a game?Today, let’s talk about Lao Lao.Doctor for meng new period of novice players, whether from the level of appearance or from the performance of the battle, the doctor is no problem white moonlight image.After all, we are in the headwind bureau, many times rely on the doctor’s treatment to get to the end, a sense of security, we are the eyes of the angel in white forever.Perhaps based on the doctor’s popularity, the fifth Personality has also added a number of clothes for the doctor.Basically, every time we play a handful of games, we can change our clothes for a week.I believe that every player has different feelings for the doctor, who looks weak but is actually the thigh of the team. I wonder if she will also be the white moon in your heart?Emma’s lovely gardener Emma may be the daughter of the plot, but the story is set in an unhappy childhood where she witnesses everything and becomes an orphan.But following the fifth Personality version of the story, watching Emma still grow up lovingly, players will be relieved.Especially ladies dream of fashion gardener, but should be a Bai Fu beauty, is the fifth character in-game heart-throb, but you are not to be deceived by the appearance of Emma, she has a strong ability to do “chair” role, cooperate the mercenary on regulators have a strong interference ability of survival,The gardener can even manage to escape from the manor with the whole team, which is beautiful and sough.Nai bu mercenary nai bu in the game often wear a hat for the sake of, it is popular in the player circle “wu Ke baldheaded”, some “ulterior motives” players even through the modeling program, draw a hatless version of the mercenary ghost animal image, destroyed many people’s three views.But as long as you saw the hat after the dreadlocks nai Cloth, it will be fans can not move, especially in B. Drake linked skin, mercenary to a dreadlocks sexy tide male image out of the mirror, with the strength to prove his super MAN appearance level.Violin When the role of Violin was first revealed, what I noticed was not his physical level, but his innate artistry.In our impression, artists are noble and elegant and eccentric, and the noble quality revealed by the violin makes many people shy away.But it is just such a maverick they become a very dazzling existence, so even so, it does not prevent us from liking him, after all, who has no special hobbies, is it right?Every player and every character will have an extraordinary story, good and bad.But these are the things that can bring back your memories, I don’t know what you have a look is the role of forever?