Don’t believe the police, believe the liars…Long snacks

2022-06-13 0 By

A speak all know, a cheat before reporting after tens of thousands of cheating, the police can do not cheat, is ten million times, you lazy and greedy propaganda never seriously look at the script does not change, actor in as long as you more money every day, starring himself when one way to avoid being cheated, take a look at this piece (source: peace zhongyuan) 1, not to provide personal id number to a stranger, the information such as bank card number, password and verification code;2, online shopping should improve the awareness of prevention, do not leak personal information;3. If you are cheated or encounter suspicious circumstances, please pay attention to protecting evidence and immediately dial 110 to report to the police or call Urumqi anti-fraud special line 7654321 for consultation.