Wang Meng wang Yuan dream linkage, Wang Yuan said golden sentence out of the circle again, and sports, learning highly adaptable

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On February 11, Wang Meng said in the program, “Those seemingly calm day after day, will suddenly one day, let people see the meaning of persistence.”Xiao Tangyuan must be familiar with this sentence, which is derived from wang Yuan’s article quantitative and Qualitative Changes of Growth in October 2018.Wang yuan’s sentence is really out of the circle, has more than once appeared in the major celebrities and big media, and this sentence is particularly in line with the life trajectory of athletes.Athletes persist for ten years, that is, they believe that one day, they can get results in the field.So this sentence also appeared on Zhang jike’s social media platform, women’s basketball articles also appeared.This golden saying about persistence often appears in college daily life.Although Wang Yuan is not in a domestic university, he has always been in a key school in Chongqing and is a student with excellent academic performance.I also have the habit of reading at ordinary times, so now I can have the output of golden sentences in the busy schedule.Another sentence: “When the winter leaves, the snow melts and the grass green, there will be new meetings and warm continuation.”It is also as famous as this one, and appeared on the city wall of Xi ‘an, which was forwarded by Xinhua News Agency.Wang Yuan’s talent is not for his fans’ amusement, but for his literary talent, which deserves the pride of Wang Yuan and his fans.The trajectory of Wang Yuan’s life is slightly different from that of athletes, who at the beginning made secret efforts, while Wang Yuan began to struggle with the secular eyes from his debut. It has been eight years since his debut, and he has been receiving strong attention and making his own changes.I did not expect public opinion to change, but I tried to make achievements.”A new life is unfolding, and with this bright moon, may we have many years of joy and dreams.”