South Korea’s “Samsung princess” Lee Bu-jin

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Koreans often joke that there are three things a Korean cannot live without: death, taxes and three stars.Samsung Group was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-chul as a trading company called Samsung Sanghoe.Samsung started as a fruit wholesaler and now owns a series of monopolies including Samsung Electronics, semiconductors, finance, real estate and heavy industries.One in 100 South Koreans works for Samsung, the country’s largest conglomerate;On average, the group accounts for about 1/5 of South Korea’s annual GDP;For South Korea, Samsung is not only a large company, but also a chaebol, whose influence is directly related to the rise and fall of South Korea’s economy.Lee’s father, Lee Kun-hee (third son), was the second-generation chairman of Samsung Group, and her mother, Hong Ra-hee, was the eldest daughter of Hong Jin-ki (political mogul). The two families had one son and three daughters because they were family friends.Lee Bu-jin, who was born on October 6, 1970, was a beautiful and intelligent child of others.Li Fuzhen parents as a child to let her life free from worry, but affection is lack of education and accompany to her however;Lee Bu-jin, who grew up talented and with good grades, was the best of the younger Lee generation (an MBA from Yonsei University in South Korea and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US);Career attracted much attention, has been the default of the outside world is the most suitable for the next generation of Lee Kun-hee, also known as “little Lee Kun-hee”, career smooth;Emotional respect is very rough however, because of the lack of emotion, caused her “love brain” not clear.Li Fu really want to have the appearance level appearance level, want to have the wealth wealth, pick a man’s eye is very poor;In the best age met and fell in love with the “Phoenix male” Ren Youjae, he was born in 1968 in South Korea, an ordinary family, uneducated, early out of society, finally to Samsung group’s bodyguard company to work;After being sent to Li Fuzhen side to do bodyguards (near water tower first month).At the age of 29, Lee bu-jin married lim Woo-jae, a 31-year-old bodyguard, despite her parents’ opposition.Two people love with vigour and vitality, it is a pity that the married life of two people not only did not continue, but become a chicken feather, also became people’s talk after dinner.After Li Fuzhen and Ren Youzai get married, Ren Youzai show his true colors unenterprising, extreme personality.Li Fuzhen for the future of Ren Youzai, send him to study abroad (gilt);The result is Ren Youzai mud can not help the wall, in order to escape also to suicide threat;After returning to China, I was parachuted into an important position in a Group of Samsung. However, I was left behind by my subordinates because I did not know how to operate, which resulted in heavy losses of the company.Career unsatisfactory in the family to find a sense of presence, in Li Fuzhen pregnant period domestic violence she, after outside with flowers (may be said to be “lead the Wolf into the house”).Lee bu-jin divorced Lim Woo-jae at the end of her life, paying a whopping 14.1 billion won in divorce fees.While Li Fuzhen marriage is rough, career gave her comfort;Several times on the authoritative Forbes list;She has been the richest woman in South Korea for many times.Lee bu-jin, a single woman in her 50s, is still in the spotlight as she continues to hold important posts in Samsung Group.Dragon born dragon born chicken chicken, mouse’s children make hole