Puppy love dropout, Lei Jiayin’s life can have how wonderful?

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He has a bitter face and looks honest. He has acted in many films and TV dramas and is still unknown. However, he became famous for playing the role of cheating “ex-husband brother” in The first Half of My Life.He is Lei Jiayin, looking back on his road to fame, is full of bitterness, but can you imagine?Once he was young and ignorant, because of early suspension of school, so that his parents worry broken heart, and then attack a matter to let him completely changed.Like many others, Lei jiayin was born into an ordinary working-class family and barely managed to make ends meet.Lei Jiayin is a naughty, cheerful and vivid child, he has as a northeast forbearing, life is careless, do not care about gains and losses.When he was in junior high school, he was expelled from school for puppy love.He liked a transfer of female students at that time, love in the juvenile desire to win or lose is always extremely intense, so that in front of the class stressed that he liked the female students, who can not rob with their own.So two people fell in love, go to school every day hand in hand brazenly walk together, two people are better and better, but lei Jia sound’s learning results fall straight line however, at this moment the teacher also discovered the love of 2 people, then found the parents of 2 people.The woman’s parents heard of this matter, to the girl to do a transfer, Lei Jiayin because of the love of the collapse, a time hard, in the school can not stay, unexpectedly suspended school home!Mother because of this matter is urgent, but Lei Jiayin is indifferent attitude, the relationship between the two people more and more combustible, once, his mother was angry to run away from home, while walking, while muttering: “Grandpa told me to go home for dinner.”Lei Jia sound after listening to leng there, was the mother’s words shocked to a long time did not reflect over, because his grandfather had long died, how will call mother to eat?Lei Jiayin realized at that moment that he had hurt his mother’s heart. He lay prone on the bed and cried for a long time. From then on, he made up his mind to cheer up and never let his mother feel sad again.Lei Jiayin also had an idol dream. He envied his elder brother Hu Ge and imagined the scene when he became famous overnight and became the idol of millions of girls.But the dream is still a dream, lei Jiayin looks ordinary, in the entertainment circle crowded with many handsome women, he is nothing at all.At that time, Lei Jiayin changed before the rebellion, finally passed the examination of the drama, he studied hard and serious, the results are one of the best year.After graduation, I concentrated on polishing myself in the drama center. During this period, I also acted in a lot of TV dramas, but they were not well received. I spent six years in obscurity and finally waited for an opportunity.Director Ning Hao, who is currently shooting the Great Gold Heist, tried many actors but was not satisfied with them until Xu Zheng recommended Lei Jiayin.Lei Jiayin has a natural temperament, both small punk rascal gas, and a hero of loyalty, this complex people set by Lei Jiayin mercilessly held.Ning Hao saw his role immediately decided to use Lei Jiayin as the film’s male number one.In this way lei Jiayin’s announcement speed up more, every role is played by him vivid real.He played Chen Junsheng in “The First Half of My Life”, the people in the play make the audience hate and love him, hate is because of too vivid, let a person feel full of feelings, let a person not from his acting praise!Lei Jiayin is not only a good actor, or a good husband, a career for many years, has never had an ambiguous affair with the actress.Lei Jia Yin and his wife have been together for many years, in the university of the two people came together, his wife and he shared the joys and sorrows, never abandon, at the time of lei Jia Yin has not fire, his wife is willing to accompany him to live in ten square meters of rental house, never complain.For so many years, his wife bore children with him, accompanied him to the bottom, but also accompanied him to the top, this way, constantly accompanied by his wife, and Lei Jiayin did not let his wife down, there are amazing achievements.