Meishan buy to improve Panjiang Sky moon how, Meishan Dongpo jiangtianyue latest house price is how much

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China is to the west and Chengdu is to the south.In recent years, the trend of Chengdu to the south is becoming stronger and stronger. Meishan, which is in the value depression with loose purchase restriction policy, has become the first choice for families who just need to improve the purchase of houses and people without qualifications to buy houses.With the development of urbanization, there are more and more high-rise buildings in the city, and green space is becoming more and more precious.Today xiaopian would like to introduce you to meishan is an ecological project — Jiangtianyue, look at the following meishan buy improved Panjiang tianyue how, Meishan Dongpo district Jiangtianyue latest price is how much?Jiangtianyue, located in Meishan City two ring East Road and Su Hu Road interchange, surrounding supporting perfect and high quality.In terms of supporting education, there are many famous schools around, such as Tianzhi Nanhu Kindergarten, Meishi Attached Primary School, Experimental Junior High School, Suci Middle School, Meishan No.1 Middle School, Yingtian School, etc., escorting children to grow up all the way.In terms of commercial facilities, there are rT-Mart, Wal-mart and Wanda around the project, which can meet the daily needs of residents and make life convenient.On the form a complete set of transportation, the project with enjoy three transverse four lengthwise backbone network, easy to listen to the city pulsation, yue efficient travel leisurely life, along with the light rail line 6 along the eastern slope tianfu avenue extends to the film area, into s5 eyebrow area railway line construction completed, into integration also accelerates the speed of the eyebrow, live in Jiang Tianyue, busy matching with the twins.In terms of ecological support, the project is located on the side of Minjiang River and the bank of its tributaries, with first-line river scenery resources. Besides, there are other urban parks such as Sumu Park and Nanhu Park nearby, with unique natural resources.Jiangtianyue is located in Meishan City Nanhu Peninsula plate, a total area of about 205 acres.As he Jingtaifu, Rongchuang, jun three strong respect meishan work, Jiang Tianyue from site selection to planning, from design to construction, set three director, quality is very high, is to improve the quality of the family choice.At present, Jiangtianyue in the sale of the second phase, consists of 11 high-rise, 7 block style houses, 4 linhe houses;Currently for sale 12-13-14-35-36 building, high-rise building for sale: 69-89 square meters, average price from 5700 yuan/square meters.House construction area: 101-113㎡, the average price of clean water is about 7400 yuan /㎡. It will be delivered in clean water on November 30, 2023.Jiangtianyue occupied the south Lake area bridgehead position, and the main city seamless connection, enjoy unified government planning and plate development dividend.The project covers shu Ju high-rise, riverside houses, villa houses three series of products, considering the improvement of the family in Chengdu south Meishan house, can pay attention to jiang Tianyue.The above is about “Meishan buy improved Panjiang Sky moon how, Meishan Dongpo district Jiangtianyue latest price is how much”.