Hunan Linli: Party members and teachers escort students home safely

2022-06-12 0 By

Hunan Linli Xun (messenger: Xiao Li Hu Xiaoyuan) in order to cultivate students’ good habits of safe riding, to ensure that every school bus children in time, safe and orderly home, In the afternoon of February 17, Linli County first complete primary school party branch organized all party members to carry out party members to go home.At 5 o ‘clock in the afternoon, party members and teachers seriously organized the children to stand in line, one by one in order to get on the car, seat belt.When all the students were on board, the driver closed the door and started the car.The school bus ran smoothly on the road, after a station after a station, the children quietly sat in the car waiting for their own station, after the car stopped according to the administrator to call the roll, party members and teachers stood next to the car, commanded the students to get off in order, every student to the hands of parents, and parents seamless docking.After the activity, the school principal Zhou Guoping gave affirmation to the party member activity, and instructed the party member teachers to do this practice regularly, to do a good job in the safety of the whole school teachers and students, and to play a leading role in the grass-roots work.Although the first week of school is busy and heavy, children s safety is more important, they said.Nothing is trivial in school, everything is education.All party members of the Party branch with practical actions to help build a civilized city, for the children’s safety escort.Editor: Lu Kaiki