Company “original poetry” | then the moon then he, at the end of the world

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“Three People” 125 Falling plum wind – mountain nostalgia/lotus Academy eaves in front of the cold willow crows.The smoke slanted with the moonlight.Walk through the bamboo path to the mountain home.The plum blossom.Last year was about Hugh negative, when knock stone tea.Small window light shade element screen block.Two.Falling plum wind (yi Yun)/Yang Yun Cold smoke Ling Immersion jade window screen.Yunxuan shallow lie yu Xia.The corridor folds the plum blossom again.If ab.Poor frost heavy narration wind cold, who asked soup tea.Endure the past twist into sand.The end of the world.Falling plum wind (according to rhyme) article/Liu Xiang Luzhou floating waves also floating flowers.Such as peng Temples turn wind inclined.The setting sun falls into the yan teeth.The noise faint crow.No one can look back, once a dream green rushes.Then the moon then he.At the end of the world.”Three People” 126 Love embroidery quilt – Brook shemi dream/Lotus Academy Moon light smoke inclined with thin cold.Broken plum branches, incense thin snow residual.Dream borrow butterfly, flower still in, degree wall, empty love house edge.There was only a lone light in the window.Eyes blurred, blowing tears from the fry.斝 lift, wake up also drunk, bitter acacia, afraid of v. pillow.Yang Yunxue, the plum blossoms of the garden.Shuying companion, cool month late cold.Heart word sweet, empty winding, leaning on the water chestnut window, hope far mountains.The cup is watering with jelly.To drive away, corroded bone fry.Not expected, sorrow overlapped, and tear, old disease stubborn.Love embroidery tenderly (according to rhyme)/Liu Xiang Sound lonely frost wind threatening cold.Very streamer, first loss of young.The hour urges, eaves Yin turn, the rural heart, pushed to the edge of wine.She had a dream and crashed.Longitudinal sea mulberry, all already disconsolate.Cover volume, sleepless night, any idle sorrow, stacking thousands.”Three People” 127 Qi Tianle – Spring thinking of wen/Lotus Academy wall plum break know spring near, through the hedge partridge surprised late.Thin snow deceives the cold, the residual fragrance is not reduced, seduce idle thought sultry.Look around.Afraid of waste married dongfeng, old China secretly change.Only when the flower, a left calyx can not be cut.Soliloquy under the light of the west window, the moon shakes the wine shadow, don’t talk.Bamboo house creek sound, mountain village wild color, willow yiyi can love.It’s like a dream.And wake up more confused, drunk heavy sorrow.The night is gone and lost.Qi Tianle (in accordance with the rhyme) article/Yang Yun years and recall the east door, black incense shallow Yin silk TAB.Running water, the setting sun is fine, rosy cheeks.The clouds and smoke were suddenly confused.Wind breaks green branches, rain invades flying flaps.Relative silence, a Du Yu sobbing soul.Wu Zhong has since fled, native people and things, with sand scattered.Cook wine and tea, philandering, do not read yan Song Warbler.Idle worries all the best.Enjoy the bottom of the pen qingyi, gentle in the song.Don’t blame winter cold, don’t despise spring night.The end of winter was the end of The Space exploration, and the Maple land was dotted with waves.Dance pavilion song Tai, teahouse wine shop, in wangyun flag fluttering.By the long Bridge.And habitat streamer, drowning dixia piece.Shadow matter submergence, 20 years of dust dream gradually far away.Jade building mansion pull out, cluster star sand ten miles, haisang steal.Lujiao flat, chau head xiu tree, light green initiation of new surface.I’m bored.Just a little Yang and, in front of the competition.Spring back, suddenly the wind warm.