Six measures of Pingliang city to promote administrative law enforcement capacity for three years to improve action results

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Pingliang city earnestly implements the relevant deployment of the three-year promotion of administrative law enforcement capacity, takes six measures to further standardize administrative law enforcement behavior, enhance administrative law enforcement capacity, promote strict, standardized, fair and civilized law enforcement, and help the construction of a government ruled by law.First, to carry out the implementation of the Law on Administrative Punishments training activities.Combined with the administrative law enforcement and civil servants training measures (trial), collaborative management of civil servants and other relevant departments, take “Internet + training” mode, organization in the region to carry out “the law on administrative punishments” legal knowledge training, online comprehensive legal knowledge training for administrative law enforcement personnel, further enhance the level of administrative law enforcement ability.Second, strengthen the implementation of flexible law enforcement.We will earnestly implement the spirit of optimizing the business environment, guide and urge administrative law enforcement units to improve the list of “two light items and one exemption” in our system, and make it public.Summarize and refine typical cases and experience and practices, vigorously carry out publicity work of “two light and one exemption” flexible law enforcement in various forms, and promote the implementation of the “two light and one exemption” list to improve quality and efficiency.Third, we will fully implement the “three systems” for administrative law enforcement.According to the requirements of the Implementation Plan for the Three-year Improvement of Pingliang Administrative Law Enforcement Capacity, the implementation of the “three systems” of administrative law enforcement will be included in the annual assessment of legal construction.We will carry out investigations and studies on the reform of the comprehensive law enforcement system in townships and subdistricts, and foster exemplary cases.Fourth, the replacement of administrative law enforcement documents will be carried out.The replacement of certificates with unified national standards will be carried out in batches, and all counties, county-level cities and districts will be guided to conduct simultaneous qualification review and examination of law enforcement personnel, and orderly replacement of certificates for administrative law enforcement subjects, administrative law enforcement certificates, and administrative law enforcement supervision certificates.Comprehensive clearance of administrative law enforcement documents, strict examination of the qualifications of administrative law enforcement personnel, law enforcement personnel involved in the reform of comprehensive administrative law enforcement in towns and streets, do a good job of qualification examination, after passing the training examination for the certificate.Fifth, we will strengthen oversight and inspection of law enforcement in key areas.We will work with relevant law enforcement departments to carry out joint supervision and inspection of law enforcement in key areas of public concern, such as food and drugs, natural resources, the ecological environment, enterprise-related fees, and property services, to promote strict, fair, and civilized law enforcement, and improve law-based administration and law enforcement.Sixth, we will carry out the evaluation of administrative law enforcement files.To organize and carry out the evaluation of administrative law enforcement files, focusing on the standardization of documents, the use of discretionary power and the implementation of the “three systems” of administrative law enforcement, and further standardize administrative law enforcement behavior through the standardized construction and management of cases.Writing | Xi Xina Review | LAN Tianma Fangzhou editor | Xu Ruichao wechat id: PLSSFJ