Not many “leftover eggs” at home?Taiwan’s Ma Ying-jeou says’ Oh my God ‘after New Year egg shortage

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As the Lunar New Year approaches, eggs, a must-have dish, are hard to find.Many People in Taiwan have to queue up to buy eggs, even in supermarkets, supermarkets can not buy, set off the whole Taiwan “egg chaos”.Ma Ying-jeou, Taiwan’s former leader, couldn’t resist saying, “Oh my God!”Taiwan, he added, “is such a rich place, how can you not buy eggs?”He called on the DPP authority “Agriculture Committee” to seriously review.The agricultural Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has announced plans to temporarily suspend egg processing plants and send eggs from south to north, as well as import them from Australia and the United States.The KMT questioned the DPP’s slow response to the nuclear food and egg shortage.New Year’s Day is approaching, but there are no egg dishes on the table. Is it possible that this year’s auspicious words should be changed to “leftover eggs happy”?Taiwan’s China News reported that Ma ying-jeou and his elder sister Ma Enan went to a xinglong market early Sunday morning to buy Spring Festival vegetables, and handed out Spring Festival couplets and face masks to market vendors.In an interview, Mr Ma said Mr Ma had bought peanuts and “peanuts are his favourite”.As for eggs, Ma ying-jeou said in an interview that “eggs should be eaten every day, not just during the Spring Festival”.Some media asked Ma whether he could still buy eggs.”It is very difficult,” Mr Ma replied. “The problem needs to be solved quickly.”As for his family’s egg stock, Mr. Ma said, ‘We still have a little left.’Meanwhile, Ma ying-jeou could not resist bluntly: “Want to queue up to buy eggs?My God, Taiwan is so rich, how can not buy eggs?The committee of Agriculture should seriously review it.The media also asked Ma Ying-jeou, “in the past”, did such things happen?”It doesn’t seem to have happened,” Mr Ma said after thinking for a moment.KMT chairman Eric Chu also posted today that “eggs” is a necessity for people’s livelihood, and the egg shortage has made store owners feel helpless to do business without eggs, and people who can’t buy eggs have to change the menu temporarily, causing many table troubles.The KMT has already raised questions about the “agricultural Committee” ‘s lack of eggs, whether it is due to the impact of bird flu, high feed or temperature changes.A definitive statement from the competent authorities has not yet been forthcoming.Lilun Chu stressed, “lack of eggs” with “feed prices rise” is there a relationship?In fact, feed prices should affect egg prices.The reason for the lack of eggs should be traced back to last year’s three-level warning ban within the period, coupled with unsalable eggs caused by the price collapse, compression of the layer industry chain, although the egg price around last October to stabilize, “layer” has become a gap.In addition, autumn and winter is the season of avian influenza epidemic, accelerating the egg shortage, followed by the arrival of the New Year, the public egg demand, the gap is more difficult to make up.From the bird flu outbreak to the current imbalance between supply and demand, Chu believes that the DPP authorities have problems in response and support, and the “Agricultural Committee” must face up to it.Zhu also quoted Jiang Ching-kuo’s famous saying, “The small matter of the people is the big matter of the government” to criticize the DPP authorities, saying that during the Lunar New Year, egg shortage, every family feel deeply inconvenient, the current DPP authorities are immersed in “propaganda”, concealing the truth of egg shortage, resulting in people’s livelihood difficulties difficult to properly solve, is the real big problem!Linbay Haoyou, an agricultural expert in Taiwan, also pointed out that eggs in Taiwan are originally sent from the south to the north. He really did not understand why the “south egg to the north” should be launched.He also stressed that importing eggs would lower the self-sufficiency rate of food. “Don’t you protest?””Linbay Good Oil” disclosed that the main reason for the price increase of eggs is that the price of feed, the most important cost of egg production, has risen sharply, leading to the increase in production costs. However, the DPP authorities intervened to lower the price of producing areas under the pretext of price control. Egg farmers lost money and of course reduced production and supply.In his opinion, the DPP authorities should intervene to intervene in the price of feed, so as not to cause problems in the supply of eggs, so as not to interfere in the wholesale price, which would of course reduce the supply.(Lin Jingxian/Editor) # Taiwan #