Zhu Yi cried bitterly after his mistake, and the true sportsmanship transcends victory and defeat

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At the Beijing Winter Olympics, while many athletes have surprised the audience, some of the most anticipated athletes failed to achieve their desired results due to their performances and unexpected mistakes.Some of them are veterans with a lot of experience who have been to the Winter Olympics several times, and some are rookies who have been the breakout stars with high hopes.Although more and more audiences are tolerant of mistakes on the field of play, there are still a few people who make groundless speculations and even resort to cyber violence, creating disharmonious voices in the field of public opinion.Photo source: China Youth Daily client (Li Juhui/photo) The winner is only a hair.A little careless, will affect the athlete’s overall play and final results, to their career regret.However, this does not mean that mistakes are completely unacceptable and that errors on the field alone negate an athlete’s efforts.An athlete’s love of the event and enjoyment of the competition includes being comfortable with mistakes.If you can’t accept even a little bit of error and deviation, how can you challenge someone to do something more risky and uncertain?Moreover, the mistakes of some players in the eyes of the audience are caused by the great difficulties and pressure of the athletes.Some athletes are perennial injuries, in order to stand on the field to fight, they always grit their teeth, never give up until the last moment.These contests, supported by strong will, sometimes win, sometimes lose.It is unfair and cruel to mock athletes who have given so much but failed to achieve what they wanted.Figure skater Zhu Yi, who represented China at the Winter Olympics, has fared poorly.To its individual athletic ability, people can discuss in the professional level naturally.But some have pointed the finger at Zhu’s father, zhu Songchun, a scientist, suggesting there is no basis for his father to use his resources to get Zhu To join the national team.As Rao yi said, to criticize Zhu Songchun as a dignitary is to misunderstand and hurt him.Some Chinese athletes, for the sake of their favorite sports and national honor, have abandoned the comfort of the environment and plunged into the arduous training and competition.No matter what they achieve in the end, they should be respected.Indiscriminate censure and even slander not only hurt the patriotism and honor of the athletes involved, but may also have a negative impact on the development of sports undertakings.Compared with the responsibilities borne by ordinary people for making mistakes in the workplace, the consequences paid by athletes in international competitions are undoubtedly more serious.The Olympic Games is only held once every four years, and the athletes’ peak state is only a few years, because of mistakes missed opportunities, their loss and regret is self-evident.After zhu Yi lost the match, she lost control of her emotions on the spot and shed tears on the court. Anyone who has sympathy will feel distressed for her.More accusations and complaints from others will only increase the psychological burden of athletes and create resistance for them to recover from failure.Athletes who purely enjoy sports, when they are in the starting moment, have actually left behind whether they can win the gold medal or stand on the podium.The goal they care about is whether they can achieve self-breakthrough and achieve the pursuit of perfection.Only in this way can athletes remove their psychological burden, immerse themselves in the process of competition, and create more miracles and surprises on the field.The audience care about the result of the competition and the ranking of the athletes representing their country, which is the embodiment of human nature and national honor.But there is more to appreciating sports than MEDALS.True masters can make their mark in sports history by pushing the limits of the human body, even if they end up on an invisible sideline.To judge a game or an athlete only by the result does not understand the essence of sports and gives up appreciating the beauty and purity of sports.A more rational and tolerant public view of the results is the only way for China to become a sporting power.As a civilized and peaceful way of competition between countries, competitive sports are still the embodiment of national strength.But the measure of a nation’s sporting development has long been more than a contest between a handful of elite athletes.Victory, is welcome to congratulate;There is no need to be too upset when you lose.There are always people who win gold MEDALS in the Olympic Games, but the ultimate goal of the Olympic cause is not gold MEDALS, but the sportsmanship of “unity, friendship, peace and progress”.All the people who push this goal forward with sweat will win the respect of the world.Article/Editor of Wang Zhong/Huang Shuai Source: China Youth Daily client