On the third day of my colleague’s marriage, he crashed into the guardrail on the highway. Unfortunately, the bride was widowed after passing the door

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Netizen A: When my sister and sister’s husband got married, my teenage brother-in-law went to the wedding and insisted on fireworks (we call salutes locally).Lit after running about ten meters, see fireworks bloom in the sky.Unexpectedly, there is a quality problem, not to the day blunt, but across the blunt come over, in the middle of the brother-in-law’s ear after the explosion, brother-in-law died on the spot, happy event becomes a funeral.Later, the elder sister brother-in-law, fireworks manufacturing enterprises, dealers respectively lost a sum of money, but a young and fresh life forever!Netizen B: We have one of the most popular wedding photo shops, in the downtown location, to the shop to take wedding photos are lined up for appointment!I heard that because there were too many people taking photos, I organized to drive a bus with more than 10 pairs of groom and bride makeup artists and photographers to go out and shoot outdoor scenes. On the road, I was hit by a car and almost all died, including the only son and quasi daughter-in-law of the wedding shop. The main responsibility is here!The boss could not bear to drink medicine in the shop died, and later this position no matter what shop closed!We’ve been walking around it for more than a decade now!Net friend C: a distant marry your uncle’s son and the groom had a car accident, others are all right, he sat in the back of the dead, my uncle aunt that sad ah, don’t know how lost finally, anyway, my uncle in the hospital directly to match the shade, marriage is leukaemia dead girl, bought a red clothes and gave her 10 tens of thousands of more than half the funeral, is just to marry the daughter-in-law.Feel free to comment in the comments section