Fu Jin forget chuan is what TV play role?

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Fu Jin forgot chuan from the movie Lost in Love.”Love love Embarrass” alias “Love Embarrass”, “Childe affectionate”.This drama is directed by Guan Er, led by Zhao Yihuan, Wang Yi, Zhao Yuqing and other leading actors, by Zhu Bo, Liang Xiaoxiao as the scriptwriting of this drama.The play mainly tells the story of cao was born in a common family, make love everyday a little flower chi, has just graduated from university into the workplace, is a professional small white, with a poor salary each month, life is not rich, but also for the although our days, but she still likes to help others, is a very loving person.Show less ang is a rich childe, because discontent arranged marriage, in the wedding day chose to escape, the thief was targeted, money and documents were taken away.After met Cao love love, began cohabitation with Cao love love life.This is a laugh comedy, with a funny way to tell the story of love between men and women, the process is strange, but the ending is happy.