Does army civilian take an examination of written test return confused?When are the grades due?You’ll know it when you see it

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Believe that there has been a lot of friend to participate in the 2022 civilian the written examination, in a sigh of relief at the same time also remember the booking result query, Mr Will help you to squat down, know the latest news early!This year’s written test is quite special, and some regions have postponed the test due to the impact of the epidemic. So when will the results of this year’s written test be released?Mr Name will take you to analyze a wave!First of all, let’s take a look at last year’s exam rhythm: the first written test on May 23, 2021, and the second written test on June 20, 2021 will be issued on July 22, 2021, and the two written test results will be issued together.The first wave of written test to the results, between the interval of 60 days!And this year on January 9, the first wave of written tests, delayed test area time is unknown, and the end of the Spring Festival.When will the second round of written tests start? We still need to wait for official notification!To sum up, xiaobian predicts that the written test scores of 2016 will also need to be rolled out after all regions have taken the test this year, so that the whole country can enter the interview stage together.The results will be announced in about a month after the second round of written exams.Scores query reservation: need friends to pay attention to is: take an examination of the written test results come out and prepare the interview, this idea is not an option!You know, most units of the interview work, will be in the results of one to two weeks to carry out, that is to say, out of the results to determine the finalists, there is only a short week of preparation time!Since there is an advantage of finishing the written exam early compared with other regions, be sure to take advantage of it and prepare for the interview as soon as possible!Mr General teachers must be hoping that everyone can successfully go ashore, here also prepared some interview preparation information, private chat add customer service teacher claim.